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Next-gen GNU/Linux, what does that even mean? The FOSS world is so unlike the proprietary world. In that closed universe, new releases are considered so important that secrecy becomes paramount. So the next-gen release of Windows becomes so crucial. With FOSS and Linux development everything is laid bare. Sensible folk stick with the stable release but the brave-hearted can jump into an unstable, development branch and compile where angels fear to tread.
This issue we’re looking at those ‘next-gen’ developments, the key technologies that have been in development for the last few years and will become mainstream through 2015. If you’re even brave enough we’ll show you how you can jump onboard with your own build of Ubuntu or Arch and try them live. Neil “Grey Beard” Bothwick is your guide.
But what about today? There’s more than enough going on in the ‘now-gen’ of Linux to keep most people busy until the end of time. As usual there’s a packed issue of Linux Format awaiting you over the page. I’d recommend you take a long look at our Roundup this month on Linux desktop environments, a new desktop is the simplest way of giving your distro a fresh feel or revitalising your work flow.
Besides that we have tutorials looking at creating your own web-based email system, the clever old Dtrace diagnostic system and a tale of intrusion and how you can track down naughty hackers on your system.
There’s a bit of a bumper helping for the programmers out there. We look at how you can take advantage of the Raspberry Pi’s GPU and 3D capabilities; how to run Python on embedded systems; how to use Java to create physics and getting started with the programming language, Erlang.
On top of all that we’ve the usual reviews, news analysis, users groups, interviews and so much more!

Issue 197, May - on sale now

Ingenious Raspberry Pi Projects

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Format, or at least that’s what it might feel like to some regular readers. The truth is, considering just how popular the Raspberry Pi has become – it’s easily the fastest-selling UK home computer and will likely even surpass the 12 million Amstrads managed during the entire ‘80s and ‘90s – we barely give it coverage. So with five million original Pi users and thousands of new Pi 2 owners gnashing at the bit for exciting projects to try and coding knowledge to learn, it’s about time for another Pi issue. So with the Raspberry Pi Foundation celebrating three years of the Raspberry Pi and an entirely new model, we thought it’d be a fine time to cover the Pi Party and dive into our best-new Raspberry Pi projects with Pi-expert and general Linux-socialite Les Pounder.

Even so, those 15 packed pages are just 15% of the total magazine which we’re devoting to the Pi, which does run GNU/Linux at its heart, so it’s still Linux. The rest of Linux Format retains its usual focus on hard-core desktop and server Linux. Just take a look at the Virtual Machine Roundup, it shows how things are always evolving and we think VirtualBox has finally lost its virtual crown.

Talking of change you’ve more than likely heard that Ubuntu Phone is here, and we’ve reviewed the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition. This is THE Ubuntu Phone to have, challenging the best of the mobile world with its octa-core processor and low cost. Mr Brown explains the challenges a sysadmin has fending off exploits, Doc Brown continues his programming master-class for sysadmins and if you’re up for a challenge why not tackle functional programming with Haskell. If all that’s a bit too much, you can grab our cover disc this month and install SteamOS for some gaming fun by following the in-depth guide. There’s never been a better time to have fun with Linux!


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