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A big shout out… Mike Heyman for sending me this T-shirt:

Thanks Mike! And on a completely unrelated note:

Friday time wasting

Microsoft spent $8 billion on research and development last year, and this is what it has to show for it. If you can make it to the end of the video without cringing your face into a cramp, you probably have your speakers muted.

In other news, I think Mike Saunders is looking remarkably like Magibon as of late. And of course Magibon and Mike have never been seen together - co-incidence? I think not.

New special on-sale now: Master

We produced an LXF special just over a year ago that focused on learning all about Sadly, back then the distribution of our special magazines was fairly small, so we got a lot of emails from people months later saying "if I had known it was on sale, I would have bought it!"

Well, that special is back, fully updated for OOo 3.0, and it goes on sale from today. As per usual, it will take a few weeks to get to all our worldwide readers, but we are working to get the thing onto My Favourite Magazines for online purchasing ASAP - we'll post here when it's available.

Introducing LXF115

Folks who have already received their copy of Linux Format 115 may already have noticed that it is a different size to their previous issues. This is, of course, deeply annoying for OCD people like me who like to arrange their magazines perfectly on the shelf. Of course, my magazine shelf became overloaded with issues a few months ago, collapsing under the weight of it all and tossing my careful efforts over the floor. I think it made me develop a nervous twitch.

Happy New Year! (again)

I wasn't quite as productive as Mike over the holiday period. I had great plans for all that spare time, but I don't seem to have done anything with it. My Monome step-sequencer project is still on hold, and I barely touched a computer. However, I did build a theremin!

Welcome to 2009

A slightly belated Happy New Year from everyone at LXF Towers!

So, 2009 eh? What can we expect to see in the Linux community -- and the wider computing world -- over the next 12 months? Without a doubt, 2008 was the Year of the Netbook. Initially dismissed as a fad by tech pundits around the intertubes, netbooks have been a storming success with almost every laptop manufacturer releasing some form of itty-bitty machine. Best of all, a good deal of them are being shipped with some form of Linux variant, guiding new users onto the path of Free Software.

Happy Christmas!

Looking for a VoIP writer

We'd love to write a feature on how to get Asterisk working in the home, but sadly we're a bit short on experts in that area. Are you such a person? Do you know someone who might be? If so, drop me an email ( and we'll talk.

Dear Marrea…

Apologies for the illustration on p46 of LXF114. Please don't send us letter bombs.

Hugs and kisses,

Team LXF

Free mags for LUGs!

Our printers made too many LXF113s, and, for a small fee, we have had them teleported to LXF Towers for distribution to any Linux user groups that are interested. If you drop me an email ( with your address and the name of the LUG you attend, I'll have a bundle of 113s sent out to you.

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