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Forget money!

The new international currency with any value is Linux Format stickers, currently offered as a subscriber gift. But it just so happens that we have a few extras here at LXF Towers (not many though!) and Bobthebob1234 has won our hearts with this charmingly random work:

Dev Days 2008

It has been a year since I last visited Munich to attend the Qt Developer's Conference, and Trolltech has kindly invited me to attend 2008's gathering which starts tomorrow. As a result, I'm typing this on a delayed First Great Western train plodding its way to Heathrow for a flight to Germany this afternoon.


Go to the OOo site today and receive a free copy of this excellent error message: "You don't have permission to access /servlets/ContentHelmNoodle on this server."

Content Helm Noodle

Exaggeration and lying lusers

Our Linux Made Easy magazine has been on sale for a little while now, but it seems group of Windows advocates takes exception to something we said in there.

Specifically, the box at the top of p11 states, "Installing a piece of Windows software takes ages and usually involves half-a-dozen reboots".

Join us…

...for food, drinks and Linux chat aplenty! We're organising an event in which LXF readers can meet up with us, Team LXF, to chat about the status of Free Software. It'll be held in the Bristol/Bath area, and unfortunately we don't have the beans to pay for travel or accommodation, so it'd help if you're based in the South West of England (or have someone to stay with around there). See this post on the forum for more information, and drop Graham a line if you want to take part!

A fire in the sky

Installing software

Some readers have been saying that they want us to provide more detailed information about software installation in every issue. We already have the Newbie Zone pages and tutorials on the DVD each issue, but it seems they want more. Problem is, we're a bit unsure what to do - if we expanded Newbie Zone to six pages each issue it would mean regular readers would get six pages of nearly identical content each month: "how to install software" and such.

Looking for a cheap laptop?

Just as I return home from a sabbatical, my laptop decided to die on me. Now, my laptop is my primary source of entertainment (programming), so I had to find a replacement quickly and - thanks to the sabbatical being unpaid - relatively cheaply. My main requirements were heaps of RAM (I make extensive use of virtual machines), two cores, a big screen (my laptop rarely leaves the house), and enough hard drive space to store vast amounts of code and its associated media.

El Grito!

Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day, so this lunchtime Effy selected the finest ingredients and made us tacos aplenty. It's like there's a fiesta in my mouth!


I like Chinese

Well, I'm back, and apparently I'm still working on Linux Format - sorry, Graham!

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