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Valentine Sinitsyn, the main man at Linux Format Russia, recently flew in to LXF Towers to sample the local beer exchange ideas and do some sightseeing, and left me with one particularly memorable quote about how long LXF Russia subscribers have to wait for their issues: "our postal service is a bit like the UDP protocol." And you Australians thought you had it bad when waiting for your copies to arrive!

Putting PR promises to the test

Read the full story here.

And the winner…

...of the UKFast 'Best Community Site' award 2008 is...

LXF website award

Coding by Numbers

OK, I relent: please stop sending me emails requesting more programming tutorials. I know you want it. You know I want it. The next step is to figure out what you want so we can crack on with the delivery.

Hello, Orwellian World

Using the UK's Terrorism Act, some people have been arrested at the University of Nottingham. That's pretty worrying by itself if you ask me, but let's assume for a moment that those two did something really suspicious and had to be picked up. Now check out this quote from Superintendent Simon Nickless of the Nottinghamshire police: "Feedback is that people accept that this is the sort of operation that is necessary and reasonable for the welfare of communities."

Change is afoot

A few issues ago I requested that readers email me to say whether LXF was too hard, too easy, or just right. 57% said it was just right, 13% said it was too easy and 30% too hard. As a result, we'll be making no drastic changes to the magazine, because the majority think it's fine as it is and the remainder make up a bell curve. That said, there is a slight slant towards "too hard", so from LXF107 onwards we're going to be making a few minor changes - the overall balance of the magazine will stay the same, but we hope to squeeze more from what we're printing.

Biking incident #2

Before I get inundated with requests to model sensible clothing on daytime shopping television and in Sunday newspaper supplements (see Paul's post below), I thought I'd share a more fitting image of myself from a couple of weeks ago. I fell off my mountain bike while riding the North Face trail in the Grizedale forest. A stupid mixture of too much air in my tyres and wet riding conditions sent my bike one way and me t'other (in Mike's local dialect). It looks worse in the photos than it really was, and the bruising has almost gone.

LXF mugs

If you're thinking about subscribing to LXF and are currently not completely convinced, check out the new subs gift that will be going live from LXF107:

Yes, it's an LXF-branded coffee mug. Our subs team are incredibly creative, don'tcha know. Of course, you'll only get one of them, but it's neat nonetheless. If you're already a subscriber and won't be renewing any time soon, you'll have to content yourself with this excellent picture of our very own Graham Morrison using his LXF mug:


Where in the world is Carmen Mikeiego?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay in territories unknown with a friend based over yonder (thanks Hil!). But where was I? See if you can guess from these pics. First person to get the answer right wins either a holiday home in the Cotswolds or a packet of Smarties (prizes may vary).

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