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I can’t believe I thought this was cool

A friend of mine is busy preparing a talk for a French culture evening, and I've been equally busy wasting his time with suggestions for things that summarise stereotypes of France and the French - Pepe Le Pew, Officer Crabtree, etc. And then I came across this video:


Welcome to the future

Graham and I have both bought posh new mobile phones, because we're geeks and that's the kind of thing geeks do, right? Sadly, our attempts to get video conferencing to work weren't too fruitful, so today I called T-Mobile and asked them what was going on. Their response: "video calling is very, very, very temperamental - it doesn't usually work." Of course, video calls aren't actually included in my price plan, so I have to pay extra for the privilege of using their "very, very temperamental" service - and it isn't even enabled by default. Is nice!

SP1 RC Prev. B3 pl12.414A

Now this isn't a random excuse to bash Microsoft, as some open source projects are equally guilty, but what's the deal with version number bloat? See hither:

Vista SP1 Release Candidate Preview Beta released

Destination: 2008

We just received the early copies back for LXF 100, and I think it's one of the best magazines we've ever put out - although naturally I would say that!

Love/Hate relationship

You may remember I blogged a few months ago about some guy who had signed up to a dating service using my email address. Well, I can only assume he's back, because I've been getting emails from a company called LOVEFiLM about "my" DVD rental service. At first I assumed this was just spam, but then a message came through saying this:

"Unfortunately, we have been unable to authorise your debit/credit card, and as a result of this, have had to put your account on hold until we can sort the problem out."

Posted for Posterity

This blog post has been on our intranet for a very long time - so long that it's now a bit of a running joke internally. However, Mike decided to take some corporate responsibility and tell the central services team that this blog post makes our intranet look silly, and it's possible they may wake up and yank it sometime in the near future. Fearful of losing a truly challenging piece of the blogosphere, I have copy and pasted the entire entry here so it never dies:

No buttons, no keys…

Just move your mouse around and avoid the red particles in this strangely addictive, yet simple as-can-be, little game:

How long can you last? Thanks to 'dwjs1974' on our forums for pointing it out!

Want to write for Linux Format?

We're on the lookout for new writers to contribute to our reviews section. If you have a passion for all things GNU/Linux and fancy dipping your toes into the lively world of tech journalism, see this post on the LXF forums.

Eeet’s here…

Say hello to the Eee PC, a tiny Linux-powered laptop from ASUS...

We've just got hold of one here in the office -- and we'll have an exhaustive review in LXF 101! In the meantime, the specs:

  • 900 MHz Intel Celeron CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB flash drive (acts as hard drive)
  • 3 USB ports, VGA output, webcam
  • 7" screen, in-built speakers
  • SD card slot, Ethernet port
  • Xandros installed (can also run Windows XP)
  • 2.0, Firefox etc.

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