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Team LXF is legion

It matters not where you go or what you do. Someone from Team LXF is always there. For instance, if you just happened to be watching BBC1 at 7pm on the 10th Feb, you would've seen:

Ubuntu Cola goes on sale in the UK

No, it's no relation to everyone's favourite Linux, but Ubuntu Cola rocks nonetheless - it's a new fair-trade cola that gives a better deal for sugar cane farmers in Malawi and Zambia. Unable to resist the draw of Ubuntu, we dashed out to pick up a dozen for some serious "reviewing".

Ubuntu Cola is better than Coca Cola by far!

Ubuntu Cola gives a better deal to sugar cane farmers in Malawi and Zambia

Code It!

Team LXF has been working hard on a special one-off magazine called "Code It!" that - as you might expect - is dedicated to programming. But before you run off screaming, let me fill you in on a few facts about this special:

  • It's aimed at beginners, which means the first few projects can be done by people with absolutely no programming experience. There are harder projects in there so that intermediate programmers have things to cut their teeth on, but they build on each other so that the magazine contains all you need to know to program all the projects.

MikeOS online…

Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming feature for MikeOS 1.3: terminal emulation! Yes, with a serial (null modem) cable, a MikeOS machine and a Linux box, you can now party like it's 1983. Serial ports are hard to find thesedays -- luckily I have an old Toshiba Libretto sitting around (thanks Dave!):

It’s… MikeOS 1.2.0

Yes, development continues at a screaming pace with this new release. Thanks to Yutaka Saito, MikeOS now includes a machine code monitor -- you can write and execute programs in MikeOS! Well, providing you can understand hexadecimal... There's a section in the Handbook about the monitor:

Mudslides, nuclear disasters, tsunamis - oh, my…

... but absolutely no plane crash disasters are included in the open sourcing of SimCity, because our enfeebled, over-sensitive post 9/11 minds might not be able to handle the concept without exploding.

Back from Borneo

Fresh from being promoted to Editor, my first step was to leave the country - quite a natural one, I think. Still, two weeks in Malaysia followed by two weeks at home eating turkey leftovers is a great way to relax and build up the strength to come back to the office in 2008.

I'm not going to spend too much time wittering on about the place, so let me sum up in a few numbered thoughts:

My break in pics

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

All I want for Festivus…

Is the developers at UGOBE to open-source Life OS that powers this little marvel... But I guess that's just wishful thinking on my part, though the community forums seem to hint at some sort of forthcoming SDK release...

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