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A sticky business

Should our next gift for subscribers be Linux-related stickers? This quote alone convinces me:

"Would love some stickers though to show where I've made my mark. Up to now I've been rubbing my scent on machines from a spare gland."

Now we just need lots more people saying roughly the same thing, and I think our subs team would be convinced...

Experimenter’s bias

Presumably due to flagging tourist numbers, some people are digging around Stonehenge to see what old bits of stone they can find and declare as pieces of great importance to national heritage.


Joy of joys. SourceForge has introduced interstitial adverts, blocking your path between clicking a download link and getting the software.

I mean, it was bad enough that SourceForge doesn't save your choice of mirror, instead pointing you at all sorts of ultra-slow download locations, but this is lunacy.

This is blasphemy.

This is madness.


Acting with an accent

A friend of mine recently bought a CD made by David Alan Stern - a guy who works as a full-time accent trainer. The goal of the CD is to teach you how to speak English in various accents, such as Scottish, Boston, German, etc, presumably to make you a more versatile actor. Problem is, the guy who teaches it doesn't sound very convincing. In fact, his attempt at a Scottish accent is almost unparalleled in its awfulness - has this chap even met a Scottish person before, or seen one on TV? By the sound of it, I think not.

Learning to be an editor

If you thought my job was all about inserting typos, commissioning features and playing Unreal Tournament, well, then you thought pretty much the same as me! But today I'm in Marlow attending a conference for all the editors at Future. Now, admittedly not many people go through their local magazine shop counting Future logos, so you may not realise quite how many magazines we make - suffice to say there are well over a hundred people here, all learning the latest theory about brand vs product.

Linux Format is…

Thanks to everyone who read about our informal reader survey in LXF 104 - vote are still coming in, and we won't really be taking any action for a few months yet just so that everyone worldwide has the chance to vote too.

The man behind the curtain

Millbank Tower

Time flies

Having had yesterday and Friday off as a national holiday, it's kinda hard to get back up to speed today. And this isn't helping.

Brainshare Day Two

Today has made Brainshare worthwhile for me, partly because I got to meet Miguel de Icaza again (he's always fun to talk to), but partly also because I got the chance to chat to Gerald Pfeifer. His job title is "Director, Inbound Product Management", which is Novell terminology for "the guy that handles SUSE Linux Enterprise Server".

Shooting hoops

(apologies for the picture quality; these are the RAW dumps from my camera)

We all went to see the Utah Jazz play the Toronto Raptors last night. I'm not a big basketball fan, but it was fun to watch the crowd go wild when the Jazz did anything remotely interesting.

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