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A bloke in front of me at the checkout in the supermarket the other day was buying pre-cooked bacon. That's wrong.

Back home

Of course, when I say "Edgy" is rubbish, I mean the name - hence the quotes - the distro itself is rather lovely, especially with the subtle shift from brown to orange in the Human theme. Anyway, today has provided me with a new nemesis, and that is luggage with wheels. It's not the concept or, indeed, the implementation that makes me want to stick pins in my eyes, but the apparent disregard for the rest of the world by their owners. If they pushed them, then they might have some inkling of where the damned things are.

Ubuntu everywhere!

When I'm King, I shall degree that this fetid city no longer functions as the nation's capital. For one thing, there are too many people here, also it's too big and people don't offer to help if you're carrying a heavy bag. Moreover, if you offer to help someone with a heavy bag, they assume you're trying to rob them. Anyway, back to more interesting things.

World domination… approaching: MikeOS is now a SourceForge project! Currently there's not much on the homepage, but I'm going to jazz that up soon (I even have a logo now). Still, you can download the 0.24 release, if your PC can handle the raw power. And has at least 64K of RAM.

Please, Miss!

Ooh! There's a story about Firefox on the BBC News homepage. It tells us: "Now it is believed to enjoy a 12-15% market share of the net browsing market globally. But, said Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Mozilla, in some nations the share is far higher."

Is it me, or is that not pretty obvious? And I bet in some other nations the share is far lower. Isn't that how they work out average global market shares - by taking an, er, average? I don't know; I haven't studied maths for some time…

Cover cultivation

We've put a short survey online to find out what you like most (and least!) about our magazine covers. Just click on six pictures of LXF covers, to help us make them clearer and provide more of the content you want. It takes
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Feisty… fawn…?

I think we'd all better stick with Edgy.

Microsoft does open source chocolates

Microsoft has mailed around boxes of Windows Live chocolates to various teams, and I (risking my life) tried one. Suffice to say that Microsoft is no better at making chocolates than they are at making operating systems. I guess the adage is true: the day Microsoft builds a product that doesn't suck is the day they build a vacuum cleaner. For the curious: yes, the ingredients list was printed on the back - surprisingly open for Microsoft!

When all you work on is Mono, everyone starts looking like a monkey.

I'm neck-deep into half a dozen projects right now, which is pushing my mental process scheduler into overdrive.

First up, I'm still slogging my way through converting my PHP book into wiki format. It's real drudge work: the Docbook to Wiki converter I wrote did a grand job, but it's just a matter of cleaning things up so that Mediawiki doesn't throw a fit when I space things in a certain way. It's only about four more hours work to finish it, but it's four really boring hours!

How sweet

How to spend a birthday: waste 10 hours of your life moving from the north west to the south west of England, thanks to the grossly incompetent and money-grabbing privatised rail service. Overcrowding, diversions, and two broken-down trains -- and the government wants us to get out of cars? What a bunch of blathering ninnyhammers.

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