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EuroOSCON day 2

Unlike that slacker EvilNick and that slacker Degville, I really will be (and am!) blogging each day of this conference. OSCON has taken off for real now, and it's buzzing. Sure, it's nothing like the size of OSCON US, but it's great to be rushing from room to room to hear great topics back to back. The opening keynotes were so-so: the Web 2.0-esque talk about Open Source 2.0 was inevitably given by Tim O'Reilly 2.0, and the consistent O'Reilly 2.0 fashion for branding everything 2.0 has now become a running joke (2.0).

EuroFoo, EuroOSCON and Werewolves (and Brain Party, natch)

Nick and I are in Brussels attending a conference double-whammy: EuroFoo and EuroOSCON back to back. I've been to OSCON in the US a couple of times before, and it's always been great fun. But it has also been rather hectic: the need to cram in interviews usually means I get very little time to talk to people, and even less time to attend some sessions.

More madness on planet Earth

So childhood is being poisoned. What do we point the finger at?

'[Michael Morpurgo] described video games and Internet sites as "toxic" influences on juvenile minds.'

No, he's describing rubbish video games. Do the bright, absorbing, creative and clever worlds in Nintendo games, which encourage a child (or adult) to explore and have fun, have a 'toxic' effect? What a load of twaddle.

Linux hits the Streets!

On discovering Linux (possibly):

The sky turns white it all becomes clear
They felt lifted from their fears
They shed tears in the light
After 6 dark years
Young bold soldiers, the fire burns
Cracks and smoulders
(Copyright Mike Skinner, probably)

Mike S…
[CC, Pieter Baert]

… and Mike S

Desktop publishing

I was excited to discover in the Observer's 'Woman' supplement yesterday that they are producing a version of LXF's very own Anatomy of a Geek Desktop feature from the back page of the magazine! There's a nice colour photograph of an office, a picture of said desktopee, and interesting-looking captions. Imitation is the sincerest form and all that.

In the dark

The Friday feeling has arrived early to LXF Towers. With Mike, Paul, Effy and Graham all out of the office, we can abandon the pretence of working hard and muse instead, "would we all die if the moon wasn't there?" (Gregory saw a partial eclipse of the Harvest moon last night and pondered what if the sky wolf had eaten it completely.) (I don't know what wolf he is talking about.)

MikeOS + Tetris = yay!

MikeOS 0.22 now has basic support for running DOS COM programs. I've successfully run the same 'Hello world' binary on Windows XP and MikeOS, without modification. Even better, it means that MikeOS can now play an old obscure version of Tetris:


This is a significant step in the development of MikeOS, as it allows enterprises to leverage their existing IT infrastructure, and maintain compatibility with legacy applications.

LXF reborn

Things I don’t understand

Number 24,157.

Why would any parent buy this for their child? What does it say to the kid?

"Happy birthday! We don't have much faith in you, so this'll prepare you for a life of burger-flipping."

I mean, really.

First MikeOS source release!

Yes folks, the moment you've all been waiting for is here. The future has become the past: experience tomorrow yesterday with MikeOS 0.20. Can your PC handle the raw power? Well, if you've got an x86 with half a meg of RAM and a floppy drive, you should have more than enough.

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