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Raindrops keep falling on their breasts

After a fine meal of salad, burgers and pasta washed down with a bottle of £2.99 château de Co-op, the ladies I was dining with started to talk about their breasts. Fair enough, thought I, and allowed the conversation to wash over me, not having breasts of my own on which to discourse.
Imagine my surprise when the ladies agreed that breasts are rubbish! It turns out that when it rains and you're wearing a v-neck top, the exposed area gets cold; and, what's more, stays cold! How awful!

Raindrops keep falling on their heads

Walking to walk in the rain today, I saw a bus stop in the road in front of me and offload four passengers: two women and two men. The women promptly put up umbrellas (they adopted the advanced 'type 3 installation' technique favoured by the elder female of opening the umbrella AS THEY DISEMBARKED, even though they seemed quite young – the Burberry print of one of the umbrellas appears to bear this out), while the two men just put up their collars and hunched into the rain.

Macs, movies, magazines and dodgy PR

I own an iMac now. It spends its days idling in the front room, which is a bit of a shame because it's a dual-core 2.0GHz beastie with a 20" screen. Having now used it for just about three weeks, I have thoroughly mixed feelings about it.

The hardware is lovely. I've said this for a long time: Apple makes some fine computers. It's almost silent, has eye-blinding brightness levels, boots in a few seconds and the remote control is neat. So far, so good.

Hint: it’s not Smithers

Update: the winner is Nigel for identifying the shape as Abe 'Grandpa' Simpson!

I'm not sure why cartoon character-based pasta shapes sell so well, but there's squillions of them in the supermarket: Batman, Spider-man, Thomas the Tank Engine, and now The Simpsons. A combination of curiosity and snack-needage made me buy some, in the hope that I'd recognise familiar Springfield characters as I scoffed the lot up.

But alas no, they just looked like random objects used in psychiatry tests.


Choice is good!The polls on our website have beeen getting stale – there's only so many times you can put "What's your favourite distro" up there and expect people to care. So I had a look on and found this little gem.

The Longest Blog Entry Ever

My wife, Ildiko, and I have just arrived back from a short holiday in Costa Rica, and, inevitably, I took a stack of pictures. It is a crazy, amazing, beautiful country, and I highly recommend you to visit if you're interested in something slightly more adventurous.

Morrissey in Serbia

Hurray! Morrissey is going to Serbia! And so am I!
Crucially, we're going to be there at the same time, at a music festival in Novi Sad on the banks of the Danube. A Google image search for Serbia reveals children being trained in the use of firearms, the lovely Miss Serbia and a youth with a scarf around his face throwing a petrol bomb. It looks like my kind of place, and I'm sure Moz'll like it too.

Stolen Land Rover – 958 XYB

Look at this beautiful creature:

958 XYB – The Old Girl

She's a soft top 1962 Series IIA Land Rover. My old friend Cornish Jack built her up from a rotting hulk: he found her neglected in a barn, and had to evict a family of swallows that were nesting in her engine compartment as he restored her to her old glory. Unfortunately, she was stolen on Warminster Road, Bath sometime between Sunday 9 and Tuesday 11 April. 

Hats on to O’Reilly

O'Reilly - the nice people that they are - has mailed over a box of neato caps for Team LXF to wear during elite coding sessions. Sadly they are too big for our elite coding simians, so we're wearing them instead. To prove how much we love our new caps, here's a few of us (Rebecca declined to be photographed; she's still in her bad hair year; Andrew took the picture, muttering something about refusing to be bought) outside the secret teleporter at Future HQ.

Stress testing

As regular forumers know, from issue 81 we'll be including the DVD inside the magazine rather than having it glued to the front. This has raised a few concerns that the in-binded disc won't be well protected, and prone to breakage (especially for overseas subscribers). So we headed over to LXF Towers' purpose-built stress testing facility to find out just how durable the discs will be -- using PC Answers as a demo. (PCA has recently moved to in-bound discs, and is about the same thickness as LXF.)

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