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And the results of this lunchtime's Mario Kart DS races:

Mike -- 139 points
Graham -- 112 points
Paul/Nick -- 85 points

Mario Kart DS vs SNES

Yes, Mario Kart DS is the office game du jour, helped by the growing number of dual-screen Nintys around various magazine teams. It has received largely positive reviews -- deservedly so as it's better than most of the derivative tripe on the shelves -- but few writers have made any detailed comparisons to earlier Mario Karts, particularly the SNES version.

Mario Kart results

Mike: 160
Paul: 140

He beat me fair and square, but I'm rather happy that it's only by a little. Plus I learnt that you can tap L1 to hurry up the item selection, and you can ram people off bridges. He's a crafty one, that Saunders. Still, I'm sure he'll treat us all to a comprehensive explanation of why Mario Kart DS is clearly not the game of champions and that he'd easily beat me at Mario Kart SomeOtherPlatform. Enjoy! :)

A brief lesson in Hungarian

I've been away for a week on my annual pilgrimage to meet my wife's family in Hungary. Each visit changes my perceptions of the country as I learn more about its culture and people, and I thought I'd share some of my insights with you. At least that's how this blog post started, but it ended up mostly being a rant about the Hungarian language. Onwards!

Hungarian language

Jacob’s Ladder

Tower O\'Cups

Quote unquote

Had a quick look at the BBC News site this morning, and noted that it seems to have broken its own record for the number of quotes in headlines. Thus a 'new mammal' has been seen in Borneo, Gordon Brown is promising to be a 'Blairite', and Paul Gascoigne has been arrested over 'assault' (this is the first story I clicked on, readers).

Open source quality feedback on a non-existent budget

A while ago I blogged about the problems with desktop Linux, and hopefully by now you've taken my advice and visited the Better Desktop project. Now, you may well be thinking, "but that's Novell! I can't possibly afford such usability testing." You're right: getting people into a testing area, watching what they do with an array of video camera, etc - that all takes money. But you can still do a whole lot to see how people are using your software and where you can make improvements.

Aim away from face

For some reason, perhaps due to our increasingly litigation-happy society, Spar Lemonade bottles now carry a banner of warnings reminiscent of a child's toy. "Open with care, pointing away from face" it tells us. "Do not use mechanical aids." Ah yes, all those fatal cranium impacts caused by exploding lemonade bottles must be a big concern - especially for those muppets trying to open their soft drinks with a vice.

What next? "Be careful not to trip over your Sherbet Dib-Dab"?

George Best is dead

Team LXF have mourned him in the only way we know how: drinking Guinness. A fitting tribute considering the cause of death. Rest in peace, George!

Roger’s psychedelic breakfast

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