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Blogs, dogs and Reading List: part deux

I expect all of you noticed Mike's evil Gimp-ery of my esteemed profile, as he tried to prove himself better than me at something. Having lost his chance to be better at pool, he thought he could use the power of free software to make himself better at me than UT - but he had one fatal flaw. If you examine the image carefully, you'll notice my hair is parted on the wrong side! He would have got away with it if he wasn't too short to see that high ;)

Hudzilla in UT hammering shocker!

Apologies for the tabloidese headline. But after Hudzilla's last post, I thought I'd better reveal some more deep secrets at LXF Towers! You see, dear readers, the truth needs to be told. Our Paul is very good at UT2004, and does have a tendency to win, but he's not as infallible as he suggests. On Friday we had a quick go of UT in which I managed to amass a whopping 2,637 points, whilst Hudzilla only scraped together a mere 3.

And I was on the phone for half the time. And writing HotPicks too.


And to think it's my birthday tomorrow too...

[Glares in Hudzilla's direction]

That is all. I was going to do a write-up of the expo, but instead I'll just ban everyone else. Yes!

With apologies to Willy Wonka

Over here some LXF readers are posting their thoughts on the LinuxWorld conference. Something Nobber said made me laugh out loud: "Mike Saunders is smaller than I had imagined." It's funny, because Nobber just doesn't realise there's a long story behind that...

Mike Saunders is an oompa loompa

LinuxWorld UK sucks

I was very disappointed with the quality of LinuxWorld UK, and not just because Linux Format didn't have a stand there. From LXF, we sent Nick, Graham, Mike, Channelle, Joby and myself - six people is a pretty big representation, so I think we tried our best. And what happened? Zip. The Great Linux Debate was largely dominated by Microsoft (again), although Nick managed to get some good points in by grabbing the microphone as it went by. The stands were even drearier than last year, with the highlight being the little gecko sitting in the O of the Novell logo.

LinuxWorld London — day2

Reinforcements arrived today, in the form of Andy Channelle, Hudzilla, Joby (the photographer) and, thingy, you know, no, don't tell me... Scott! No, that's not it...
Anyway, as with day 1, there were highs and lows.

Like Mike


LinuxWorld London, day 1

Well, I can't say I was there at the very opening of the event - ticket shenanigans meant we caught a later train than we planned, but the intrepid Mr Saunders and myself arrived at Olympia before midday, to find an encouraging number of people visiting the show.

The pedant’s revolt

Autumn. Saturday morning. Blue sky.

Pretty much my favourite time of the week, year, ever, ever. But recently I have been forced to reappraise some of my other favourite things. Favourite smell remains a bonfire at night when I am outside (has to be dark), favourite animal remains the sting ray. But my very, very favourite thing in the whole world – writing lists – I am no longer so sure of. In fact, these days it makes me feel a bit feint (ruled).

Mac Upgrade, Graham downgrade

My Mac has been upgraded (yes, LXF is still made on Macs, yadda yadda). I've gone from a 450MHz G4 to a 466MHz G4, and now have 1.25GB of RAM rather than just 1GB. The immensity of this upgrade should mean that LXF production can be completed at least 30 seconds earlier per issue, which means 30 seconds more of Unreal Tournament.

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