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Bath sucks

I'll say it again: Bath sucks. Perhaps it's because this is primarily a tourist town - "lookit! Those buildings have been around for at least a hundred years!" - but also because our local council sucks so hard that Bristolians can feel the breeze.

That’s gotta hurt…

Today, in my travels around the Net looking for HotPicks and coverdisc software, I came across this absolute gem. Unfortunately, it's not open source -- if it was, it'd thoroughly deserve a half-pager in the HotPicks games section. Natch.

This "game", if you can call it such, is all about pushing someone downstairs. No, really. The excellent plot states that a superhero is facing financial difficulties after trashing a city, so he needs to show damage caused to himself to justify it.

Or something.

Give Andrew your money!

Someone who looks like this needs help - that help can be you! Send all your pennies, tuppences and £20 notes to LXF Towers and we guarantee it'll all go to a good cause, and that Andrew will shave the tache off after the TacheBack month is over!

Andrew Gregory: Meskin and lovin' it

Bank holidays, extinction-level events and hair despair

We had a national holiday here on Monday, which means we get one less day to complete our issue this month - hurrah! On the positive side, I managed to finish reading Vernon God Little at last, so I feel like I made good use of the holiday. In other news, I got a silly email from one of the technical recruiters at Google. It's copied here for your comedy pleasure:

Help us connect great people (like you) to Google!


Through many, one - magazine, that is

Back when we did the KDE vs Gnome photos we also took the time to do some team shots. For some reason(!) these never made it to the printing press, so here are four of the hundred of so extra shots we took - the crowbar you can see is the one featured in the KDE vs Gnome feature from LXF66.

Nick Veitch is not smarmy
The family photograph

What’s a graphics card?

A plague on distros that don't support mainstream hardware!

Rubber bands and Richard Stallman

Wandering past the desks of PC Format this morning, I noticed the postbox had a large pile of rubber bands in there that appeared to be collecting dust. In a fit of boredom - deadline week just doesn't carry the same sense of urgency it used to! - I collected them all and started on my very own rubber band ball. Julian, the ex-Art Editor of LXF, has a rubber band ball larger than his head, so I have some way to go...

A very small rubber band ball

It’s a javelin with a built-in answering machine!

While I'm recovering from the terrifying Tower of Cups ordeal, I've been entertained by this little page: -- an automagic generator of ridiculous inventions. With so much patently absurd patent absurdity going on, it's hard to tell the difference between those random inventions and real life.

New camera…

Luckily, nobody was injured in the tower of cups event. The tower merely leaned over, perhaps further than 45 degrees. Had the lower cups been exposed to the atmosphere, I'm sure the office would have been subjected to some incredibly harmful bacteria. It's best not to think about it.

Tower of death

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