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I've spent the majority of today fighting off hordes of emails regarding two conferences in the US next month: O'Reilly's Open Source conference (OSCon) and LinuxWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco (LWCE:SF). Yes, I'm going to them, yes, I'll be representing LXF there, and yes, I may have the time to meet your company there - but one email is more than enough to make your point!

Et tu, Michael?

Okay, so it was Mike Saunders who tried to be the First Post pretender. I was there first, dammit! Me, me, me! Update: Mike "The Pretender" Saunders has edited his post to say "Second Post". This is very gracious of him, I think you'll agree. Now, onto my first serious post: Buenos Dias mis amigos! Yo tengo algo decirlos que es muy importante, pero voy a decirlo nomás en muy mal espanol! Hasta la Longhorn!

Second post…

Yes, it's here -- the Linux Format Team Blog. In true LXF fashion we've only taken a few years to get on the blogging bandwagon, while to the rest of the world it's old-tech now. Piffle. I mean, I assumed it was just going to be a fad, like Ninja Turtles, Tamagotchis and Pot Pasta (which Unilever axed. Grrrr). Via this page you can follow our zany exploits in the world of magazine making, table-football playing and anything else of even the most insignificant consequence. Oh, and occasionally pretty pictures too!

First Post!

The LXF Team Blogs are online at last, and here's the first post. Now, if only I had something interesting to say... My cunning plan is to blog in Spanish, so that even when I'm ranting meaningless nonsense only a few people will be notice. Mwahahaha! In the meantime, I should be able to sit back and wait for the other LXF hacks to wake up and start posting - the question is, how many others will claim First Post?

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