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A busy day and a barbecue

OSCon kicked off for real today: Joby and I were at the conference centre for the 8:30 keynotes, and he got some great shots as Nat Torkington, Tim O'Reilly, and Kim Polese spoke. Tim and Nat's topic was, as per usual, The O'Reilly Radar: what's hot and what's not for ORA. Interestingly, Perl book sales are down almost 20% year on year - "if anything is an inspiriation for those working on Perl 6 to hurry up, this is it" said Tim.

Larry Wall: I bet he\'s trying to figure out what SpikeSource does...

Pictures galore

I was lucky enough to be able to sleep to 7am this morning, because it was a busy day: in the morning, five hours of IronPython from Jim Hugunin, and in the afternoon another five hours of Mono. Well, at least that's the idea - I could only stay for the first 90 minutes of the Mono talk because I had an interview with Andrew Morton, the esteemed kernel hacker. We had a great time: Andrew is really chatty, and - fortunately for Joby - really open to do some unusual pictures. I think you'll understand what I mean when Joby finishes playing around with them and gives me one to upload!

Law and light SQL

After a busy morning, it's only right I have a busy afternoon. Things started to go wrong when I ordered the nachos from the hotel Quick & Light menu, only to receive a veritable mountain of food in return. I ended up leaving half of it and still arriving late to my afternoon session: Law for Geeks, by Lawrence Rosen.

Perls and Rubys

Okay, I'm back at the hotel now. Perhaps it's jet lag, perhaps I'm just stuck in my ways, but I just didn't grok the Ruby talk this morning. Large parts of the language seem very cool (I like being able to run methods on integers like 3.times { print "Ho!" }, and I like being able to add methods to individual objects at runtime), other parts just flew over my head. Granted I was busy hacking on some Mono code, so this is probably my fault. I'll have to come back to this in the future.

Facets of Ruby

It's 8:45am, I slept two hours last night, and I'm now sitting through a morning lecture on Ruby. This is a language I know irritatingly little about, so despite my body desperate trying to switch off, I'm going to sit through this and learn.

Fortunately for me, Dave Thomas is doing this particular tutorial: he's lively and clearly passionate about the language. He also has a fun dislike of other languages - "The reason we use paretheses in languages like C and Java is because Fortran needed them." Surprisingly few people seem to accept this!


3:26am and I'm awake. I hope people don't mind me yawning all day today...

Open for registration

After a busy morning touring the excellent Portland weekend market, I went back to the hotel to sleep off most my jet lag (or at least that's what I think). Awoke three hours later than planned, but still with more than enough time to go off to the convention centre to pick up my badge for OSCon.

Follow the signs to register

OSCon day -1

OSCon registration starts today at about 3pm. My wife (Ildiko) and I arrived at 9pm last night, but with 8 hours of jet lag hanging over me I only managed to sleep until 4am. Having four airplane meals in one day is enough to make anyone ill, so I guess I'm glad to have slept at all...

OSCon at 5am Sunday

Press access

It's interesting how different companies respond to my asking for an interview with one of their staff. For example, it took minutes for me to set up an interview with Greg Kroah-Hartman (a leading kernel hacker): I emailed him directly, he asked a Novell PR person, they said "Sure", and our interview is set up. However, it's not so easy elsewhere.

Wham Bam Thankyou Spam

Ah, spleen ventage. Anyone who visited the LXF forum early this morning will have found themselves in amongst a frenzy of spamming and garbage. Yes, for the first night in weeks we decided to open up the Help forum to non-registered users -- not a good move. Despite endless IP blocks, the spammers just won't halt. Ever. Grrr.

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