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And it's goodbye from him

We're just about to get started on issue 153 of Linux Format, and it'll be my last working full-time on the magazine. It's been an amazing journey since I joined back in 2005, when we were working on issue 70 (with Debian 3.1 on the cover!). So much has changed in the world of Linux, and the sheer amount of talent in the free software community continues to astound me. Great days lie ahead.

But fear not: if you just can't live without obscure references to x86 assembly, SNES games and Bavarian Telenovelas, I'll still be around, writing articles for the magazine, popping by the forums and other bits 'n bobs. I love writing about Linux, exploring new technologies and hearing from readers - I can't wait to see what happens throughout 2012.

But now, the Austrian mountains are calling me. I'd like to say a huge thanks to the LXF team, who are the most passionate, creative, technology loving geeks I could ever have the pleasure of working with. Everyone on Linux Format deeply wants Linux and free software to succeed - and that's why I see a great future for our favourite OS.

Thanks to all the readers I've chatted to over the years, and as they say in SUSEland: have a lot of fun!

Your comments

Good luck!

All the best Mike. The TuxRadar podcasts won't be the same without you!

Only one question remains

I think everyone will be sorry to see you go, Mike, but you're clearly going to have an incredible time and you'll be the happiest man alive for quite some time. One question remains: who will Nick pick on in HotPicks if not you?

Good luck!

All the best for the future Mike. I agree with @Paul Gideon Dann, the podcasts will be a lot poorer without you... perhaps they can give you a special spot and you can send Graham an .ogg with a contribution or something. Anyhow, having done the living abroad thing some 11 years ago for 2 and half years I can appreciate what you're doing. Good luck!


Nooooooo!! Nothing will be the same again!!! You will be missed especially on the TuxRadar podcast. Wish you all the best in your endeavors Mike!!

You will be missed...

The magazine and the podcasts won't be quite the same; the steady input of your knowledge, insight, and quirky humor have really helped make the LXF family something special.

Sad to see you go, but wish you all the best.

Viel Glűck!

Well, first the Hudster and now the Mikester. I think this is what they call the end of an era.
All the best for the future, Mike, and look forward to your guest appearances at LXF towers. And of course thanks for the awesome CD's/DVD's you've put together over the years.
You're really heading for Austria? Don't forget your essential German vocab:
Currywurst mit Pommes
und so weiter... :)

An era is indeed ending

Well, given that you've been around since issue 0, that's what it feels like.
Good luck with your endeavours in Austria, I'm sure you'll be as big a success in them as you have been at LXF.

Good luck and be free...

Good luck and be free...

You will be missed..

And now I'm going to change my OS..

All this Canonical

All this Canonical sponsorship money is now being put to good use! Are you really going to Austria or are you confusing it with South Africa ??

Good luck!

All the best

All the very best Mike. We'll miss you.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks folks :-) Edelweiss: I'll be living somewhere on the Austro-South African border. Just between Innsbruck and Bloemfontein.

Keine Ahnung: Ich hab's vorher gefragt, aber nochmals: wovon hast du keine Ahnung? :-)


Make sure you do appear as a

Make sure you do appear as a guest, or I shall hunt you down and ask why. :)

Have fun wherever you are, best of luck.

Good luck

Thanks for the sensible comments on Tux Radar and for not letting Hudzilla bully you. Your enthusiasm will be missed. But I look forward to your future articles in the magazine. The king is dead. Long live Linux.


Keine Ahnung: Ich hab's vorher gefragt, aber nochmals: wovon hast du keine Ahnung? :-)

Vielmehr: wovon hab ich denn NICHT keine Ahnung ;)

Good luck...

Boy, this came as a surprise.

Whatever you will be doing no doubt you will be seriously good at it...

Good luck Mike...



Team AMIGA...


Why are you doing this to us? Hope you will at least have some guest appearences on the podcast, at least when Pink Ponies 2.0 is released! Jon and Effy are great additions, but I miss the old flame baits about Python from Paul and I will surely miss the Amiga nostalgia and the stories about what you found in the Linux source code...

Would you mind giving us one or two more details about your destination? Why Austria? Will you work as the Linux correspondent for the "Neue Kronen Zeitung"? Did the Red Bull founder decide to sponsor MikeOS as the OS of the future? Or did RMS convince you in the talk you had with him to leave a magazine that is not called "GNU/Linux Format" and to start herding cows in the Alps instead?

In any case: Alles Gute und viel Glueck!

Re: Why?

Thanks! I'm hoping to walk around Austria asking people where Melbourne is, for maximum trolling effect.



Are you still in the podcast? This question might seem silly, as everyone have been asking, but you haven't answer this question yet.

So it's goodbye from us......

Sorry to hear you're leaving Linuxformat and leaving us!
I always had the impression that you were one of the pillars supporting the magazine and especially enjoyed and learned from your school of linux articles.

I have enjoyed your sharp and witty input and will miss it in the future.

All the best with whatever you are going to be doing in Österreich, apart, presumable from skiing in the winter, walking in the summer and enjoying the beer all year round!

Goodbye and good luck.

Re: TuxRadar

I'll be around in England for the podcast until the end of the year, but after that, it won't be doable, sorry. Still, I plan to be back in England now and then, so I'm sure I'll be able to make a guest appearance next year :-)


Pink Ponies

All the best, Mike! We will surely miss you

Good bye!

LXF won't be the same, but I hope you have a great time i nyour wanderings!

Best wishes, Mike! I've

Best wishes, Mike! I've enjoyed reading your columns over the past six years and many thanks for all the hard work on the cover discs.

RE: Brian W

Yep, I don't think the cover discs would be so great anymore after he left. Those discs and the glossy covers are awesome

Best Wishes Mike & Thanks!

I am really sorry (and sad) to hear that you are leaving LXF. I have been reading this awesome magazine since 2005-06 where I was introduced to the world of Fedora (at the time Fedora Core 5) Linux and I've never looked back. I can't even begin to say thanks to you for all your excellent articles that inspired me to go out and try different distros over the years. My favorite series from you was the School of Linux. I learned so much (and just how difficult the LPIC exam could be) heck I emailed you and you even responded to my question which was way too cool!

We were lucky to have you writing each and every month for the magazine for all those years...I hope to read about your adventures in Austria and look forward to when you do write for LXF in the future.

All the best and thank you for inspiring me to use and recommend Linux



Goodbye Mike, Keep up the good work!

All the best

Blimey, good luck fella, have fun!

PS. I HATE CAPTCHA....or more accurately, my inability to ever decipher those, so called, letters.

so sad

Best of luck to you, sir.

Great idea with the trolling...

... and if you get bored you can always cross the border to Switzerland and ask about Stockholm - for some reason a lot of people confuse that as well.

bbbbut.... Pink Pony's

bbbbut.... Pink Pony's development still remains unfinished!!! Think of the new pink and poniey features you could have documented!!! Who knows what the future holds for that amazing piece of software!

All the best, you're a great guy,



So long and thanks for the Gmail invite, Mike.

Perhaps as a parting gift to LXF you could compile a 17-sided DVD that boots 142 different distros. I'd look forward to that.

Re: Pink Pony

I gather that the author of Pink Pony is in Vienna, so I might go for a pint with him. Or a pony trek.


Brilliant choice!

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your dedication over the years, always enjoyed reading your contributions. Follow your heart and enjoy the austrian mountains.

Sawatdee krap & have a nice day,
cheers from Bangkok

Sad to see you go

Thanks for the many enjoyable articles, I have enjoyed having a coffee and reading the print version of the magazine and your articles have often left me smiling or more inspired.


See you Mike

Well Mike I want to wish you the sincerest goodbye and good luck with your new life. Take care and thank you for work on LXF. Loved your wit and contributions to the podcasts.


This is the worst news I've heard since I heard that they're planning a sequel to Blade Runner! Since Anne Alexander refused to meet me behind the bike sheds after school! Since I heard that there was no Santa!!!

My day is ruined!!!
But seriously, all the best, and many thanks - you've got me out of Linux-Hell more often than I can even remember. Really sorry to see you go, and I hope all goes well for you in the coming days, weeks, years, etc!

thanks Mike

We will miss you! I have been reading Linux Format since 2005 - have always enjoyed your stuff. Very best wishes.

You'll know

You'll know you're not in Australia 'cos we have Emus not Österreiches.


I'm gutted - and going to buy a Mac now.


If you do get anywhere near RSA, let us know!!


Sudo apt-get remove Mike


All the best and thanks |

for your cracking contribution over the years and quality podcast material!
I take it MikeOS will continue to be supported even from the frozen Osterhorngruppe?


Mike, thank you for contributing so much over the last few years.
Three good tips when going to Austria:-
1) buy some lederhosen
2) learn to yodel
3) The Grossglockner

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

May the rolling pink hills come up to meet you and all the stars give you many points....

...thanks Mike, you've been great.... really enjoyed the podcasts with you... and your articles in the mag..

Hope you have a great time, remember to bring back beer for the guys when you call in to LXF towers. It'll help them with the podcast.

Again thanks Mike...!


The three wise men

There is a picture of Graham, Andrew and Mike in an old copy of the magazine which reminded me of the Top Gear presenters, well with a bit/lot of imagination. Graham for Clarkson and Andrew for May. It is a real shame that you are leaving the magazine Mike, but thank you for the useful and informative magazine articles, the great cover disks and the podcasts which give an honest and balanced view of Linux. So sorry you are leaving and I wish you all the very best for your future. Too bad that irritating little git on Top Gear is still there.

Thank you for the good work!

umount /dev/gb
mount -t auto /dev/at /home/mike

I want to thank you for all the hard work for the mag the disks and the podcast. The disks have saved my day a gazillion (... well a lot of) times fixing (mostly Windows) computers. You must be going to do something really great to give up your job of free goodies (and beer) and geek stardom! The best of luck to you!

@heiowge and the LXF towers:
Make sure it is not an 'apt-get purge mike'... Oh, and just in case, remember not to do an 'apt-get autoclean'. You might need to 'apt-get install mike' when your internet connection is dead!

Good luck

I really don't now you and did not read the mag a lot but any one that caries Linux in his heart deserves to be wished Good Luck when he go's of to new horizons.
The mag is difficult to find here in Belgium and I only found out about it when a friend bought to numbers in Germany.

All the best, Jay Speed.

Lieber Mike, I've always

Lieber Mike,

I've always been wondering how come that you were able to bang these thrilling German remarks amidst the English lines, but now I understand! On some I could see that your knowledge of the language was überdurchschnittlich and unusual for the average servant of the Queen. In whatever language, I will miss you and your absolutely interesting comments...

Maybe we could try sudo apt-get reinstall mike...?

Allerdings, das Bier in Österreich (und in Deutschland) ist bei weitem nicht so gut wie in England (oder wie in meine Heimat, Belgien).

Tschüss, lebewohl - aber nicht auf immer! I hope to read you many times in the nearby future - in jedwede Sprache - und wer weiss dass wir uns noch mal im Prater treffen :-)

Peter, aus Antwerpen

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