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By now most of our readers will have seen LXF116 and, all being well, marvelled at what could well be the finest subscription offer we have ever run: Linux poetry magnets. You get a box of about 400 magnetised words that you can re-arrange to your heart's content - make silly geek phrases, make command lines, make whatever you want because it's great fun. If you haven't seen this issue yet, never fear - click here to see more information about the offer if you're a UK reader, or click here for the rest of the world. And, yes, everyone in the world gets magnets if they use the code in that offer.

Now, the reason I'm telling you this is because I am right now in the process of sending the next issue of Linux Format to the printers, and the subscriptions offer for LXF117 does not include the magnets - this could well be your only chance to get these magnets, so if you're uhming and ahhing about whether to take the plunge I suggest you get a move on!

Remember: you must use the URL quoted in those PDFs above, otherwise you'll get a different deal. So, please pass on the word: these things are insanely great, but if you don't snap them up now you may never have another chance.

NB: if you're in the US and don't want magnets, make sure you listen to our podcast to get the lowest possible price for your subscription.

Your comments

Bah humbug, just because I'm

Bah humbug, just because I'm very loyal and pay by direct debit I don't get them, boohoo :cry:

"New customers only"

"New customers only"

Personally, I'd rather not

Personally, I'd rather not sell my soul to the devil (and I just re-upped my subscription in December!)... Hud, other than offering to pay for shipping, what else can I do to get my hands on a set of these puppies?

- Magneto

Ditto. Current subscriber.

Ditto. Current subscriber. Direct Debit. Want magnets!

Marrea, it doesn't say

Marrea, it doesn't say anything about new customers only. I renewed my subscription and it said 13 issues + magnets.

Lazlow Unfortunately I have


Unfortunately I have already renewed my subscription - last November!

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