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Back in Bath

Only moments before I would have been discarded on the waste pit of humanity, I decided to come home to The South. This is a good thing: my cats are pleased to see me, and my wife saw me too. Take from that what you will ;)

Toby the Cat is full of emotion
Toby the cat is pleased to see me.

However, in order to keep in touch with my Inner Northerner, I've started reading the blog of a good friend of mine, known only by the secretive name of "BlackOpus". He describes himself as "in the gutter, staring at the gutter," by which you should be able to recognise that he still lives in the North. He even has the comedy accent to match, but that doesn't necessarily come across in his writing!

Anyway, he's currently living in Durham, working towards his PhD in dead people, having already achieved two MAs in the same. Yes, he studied approximately the same subject twice at the same level; yes, he's planning to stay in academia his entire life. Presumably it's safer in there than it is in the streets!

So, if you'd like a proper look at The North (biased still, but at least by someone who lives there), go read the blog for yourself. Forewarning: it contains mentions of "football." Interestingly enough, he uses The Gimp for his graphics. And, yes, I know: LiveJournal is largely populated by 17-year-old angst-ridden American girls. BlackOpus (an anagram of Pucka Slob, no less!) didn't end up there by accident ;)

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