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Back from Bayern

Grüß Gott! I'm back from my epic 5-week Austro-Bavarian adventure. The bulk of this time was spent studying German at the Goethe Institut in Munich, which is a thoroughly brilliant place. Now I've gone from Watching Sturm der Liebe to, er, being able to give presentations about Sturm der Liebe! Munich is an amazing city, and it feels like I set off about six months ago... So much has happened. Here are some pictures for your perusing pleasure. Go on, you know you want to.

Stachus, one of the many gates into the awesome old-town of Munich/München/Minga

Munich Marienplatz, with the Frauenkirche in the background

Munich, south view from top of Frauenkirche

Schloss Nymphenburg, north-west Munich


Regensburg from the Donau/Danube

Goethe students in the huge Hirschgarten beer garden

Fürstenhof. Or Schloss Vagen, depending on which realm (fantasy/reality) you exist in.

Just some house in Vagen. Only one photo because almost every house in south Bavarian villages has this ace Alpine style, bursting with flowers. Rock on.

Salzburg. Fantastic place, with the huge fortress looking over the town, wherever you are.

Innsbruck - an amazing, compact Austrian city nestled between huge mountains.

More Innsbruck-related antics. Everywhere you go there are these mountains cosying you in. In clear weather you can see the huts at night lit up, so you can never get lost.

A quick Weißbier at 2,000M from near the Hafelekar summit, looking down onto Innsbruck.

View over Seefeld in Tirol from our balcony

Seefeld from a ski-run (which makes for a very pleasant walking route in Summer)

Seefeld bustling in the evening.

Our ace class in the Goethe Institut München. Four weeks fly by so quickly...

Your comments

Saunders, that is a highly

Saunders, that is a highly irregular male:female ratio in the last picture for a Linux Format staffer.

Welcome back! And

Welcome back! And congratulations on a fantastic trip. But I have to say that you went a month early ... Oktoberfest starts in September!

Did you get up to the Zugspitze?


@Captain Tux

Cheers! I've never been to Oktoberfest, but I've heard that it's just an excuse for foreigners to get completely smashed, not realising how much beer they can't handle. I'll stick to the Augustiner on Kaufinger im Zentrum :-)

Didn't go to the Zugspitze, but I saw it from the Hafelekar by Innsbruck. Awesome. Servus!


Mike welcome back!! The

Mike welcome back!! The others have been taking the pi55 out of you on the podcast! Using squeaky toys and talking about pink ponies and Tron! (Don't tell them I told you). At last a sense of sanity will return to the podcast. Phew!

Oh and one more thing....


Welcome home Mike!

Ive just recently been to the bravarian area of Germany. Its really nice.. you just gotta love the artistic outside decoration of the buildings!

I went up the Zugspitze.. its amazing up there and also very very cold if wearing shorts! (like I was) :D

I also went to Munich for two days.

Did you go to the Hopfbrau Bierhaus? Its like a mansion in there... its soo damn big!

Germany was the perfect holiday and especially because I love white beer!

@Dylan C

Nice trip! Yep, I've been in the Hofbräu and it is impressive, although I prefer the Augustiner as it's a bit more of a real, where Münchners go after work kinda place. Love Bavaria.


Munich Marienplatz

I've seen that too! A bit over cast and rainy when I saw it though.

German Course

Hi! Nice to read your text about Germany, Austria and so on... what was your german knowledge before getting to Goethe-Institut? I'm thinking on going for a german course but I didn't choose the city yet... thinking on Freiburg or even Boon... what were your impressions about Munich?
Hope to hear from you!

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