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Bank holidays, extinction-level events and hair despair

We had a national holiday here on Monday, which means we get one less day to complete our issue this month - hurrah! On the positive side, I managed to finish reading Vernon God Little at last, so I feel like I made good use of the holiday. In other news, I got a silly email from one of the technical recruiters at Google. It's copied here for your comedy pleasure:

Help us connect great people (like you) to Google!

Google is hiring at our Santa Monica, CA location (and beyond). I’d like to invite you to join the Google Talent Network which gives you a way to get in touch with the hiring team now or in the future.

Networking is the key to future opportunities for all of us... You can also send these opportunities on to your friends and professional acquaintances and give them the same benefit. At Google, we believe great people know great people.

Cunningly it was sent to my company address. Have they no shame? Google is evil.

Google is Evil

Yesterday I received my new World Jump Day t-shirt and sticker through the mail. World Jump Day is an amusing diversion of thinking time: if 500 million people all jump at the same second around the world, can we get the Earth to move into a new orbit?

Of course not, but it's fun thinking about it! For example, if I knew that we definitely would adjust the world's orbit with WJD, almost certainly plunging us either into massive global warming or massive global freezing, would I take part? For me, the answer is "Yes". If I'm going to die horribly whether I like it or not, I can at least have fun beforehand.

World Jump Day

Yes, that's my sticker stuck on my Mac's monitor. Yes, LXF is still made on Macs. Quit yer whining!

Hair today

Our perky production gimp, Andrew, has grown an interesting moustache for TacheBack 05. Drop him an email if you fancy sponsoring him - it's all for charity, you know!

Andrew Gregory's amazing moustache

Andrew Gregory's magnificent moustache

Andrew Gregory's superabundant moustache

Graham has had his hair cut too, although more to avoid embarrassment than for charity.

Graham Morrison with normal hair again

Interestingly, his scores at Unreal Tournament now seem to be rising - perhaps all the weight of hair was slowing him down all this time? His player, Degville, no longer comes bottom all the time!

Paul vs Graham vs Nick. El Veitch came last - d\'oh!

Back to work on the PHP tutorial for LXF73.

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