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Best Open Source 2016

We’re celebrating the best in the open source world this issue, by picking our top 100 tools of the open source crop. The one proviso being this is an impossible job, with tens of thousands of projects, tools, services, applications and more in constant development, singling out a meagre 100 as the best seems somewhat presumptive.

But we’ve tried and selected 100 tools you really should try. Some are old stalwarts you’ll know and love, others are cutting edge technologies well worth investigating. We’ve stuck on the whole to desktop tools, so everyone can give them a spin. To help you jump to the tools you need we’ve split them into handy categories and roughly ranked them in order of excellence. Again, they’re all good but we wanted to try and provide some type of grading. Let us know which ones you think we’ve missed!

This issue, we also have a review of the much anticipated Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Tablet. Canonical is slowly swinging its seemingly extremely long-term convergence plan into action with more mobile devices coming equipped with Ubuntu Touch. Can the tablet really replace your existing laptop or desktop?

Unusually, we take a look at SIP fraud: how hackers are attacking VoIP systems and how you can run a locked-down SIP on your Raspberry Pi or Linux server. We have the continuing mix of open source developments from Rust to Docker. We’re also showing you how to enhance your 3D printing skills (after we showed you how to print your printer last month), serving up a masterclass in editing ReStructuredText and how to get the most from your graphics drivers. As always, there’s plenty to play with this month—so have fun!

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