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Biking incident #2

Before I get inundated with requests to model sensible clothing on daytime shopping television and in Sunday newspaper supplements (see Paul's post below), I thought I'd share a more fitting image of myself from a couple of weeks ago. I fell off my mountain bike while riding the North Face trail in the Grizedale forest. A stupid mixture of too much air in my tyres and wet riding conditions sent my bike one way and me t'other (in Mike's local dialect). It looks worse in the photos than it really was, and the bruising has almost gone. By the end of my week away, I was able to get back on my bike and ride the trail again without incident.

Your comments

Just what I wanted to see at

Just what I wanted to see at lunch time! ;-) Looks pretty nasty alright. This is what using Windows does to one's spirit.



More importantly, it could

More importantly, it could have adversely affected the production of the magazine!


C'mon, we don't wanna see

C'mon, we don't wanna see that kind of stuff here...


What interests/worries/intrigues me is what part of the anatomoy is pictured on the right-hand side! I hope it's the leg...

Hmm.. I'm 66 and had a

Hmm.. I'm 66 and had a couple of spills off my Mountain Bike too (thankfully I wasn't reading LXFDVD at the time) I have a very deep crecent moon on my right shin (from a branch that pushed itself into my front wheel) then proceeded to carve itself on my shin. Previous to that I had been unseated by a half-submerged trunk on the path down Castle Hill Northumberland, which cause me to head-butt and argue with the trunk of a large Rowan tree as I slid down it, and another broken branch impaled my left calf right to the bone - amidst gushings of blood and high-pitched swearing from me! Each wound took about a year to heal. Incidentally I love to read Mike Sanders pages - theyre really cool and rad :) Hugo

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