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Brian Behlendorf

I left the office on Friday morning to head over to Maidenhead to interview Brian Behlendorf. Brian is probably best known for being one of the founding fathers of the Apache web server, along with co-founding one of the first commercial web design companies. If that wasn't enough, he also co-founded CollabNet with O'Reilly. We met at a place called the Blue River Café; café is a bit of an understatement. It's actually an old mansion converted into a hotel, and the Blue River Café is the corporate entertaining centre – aka the bar and a restaurant. We got there nearly two hours early, which gave Andy the photographer plenty of time to hunt around for photo opportunities. These included the perennial spiral staircase, followed by railings under the arches of a bridge - and my favourite - a boat-launch surrounded by swans!

Brian is a really nice guy, and his conversation style is like a stream of consciousness. This means an hour long conversation contains enough information to fill a book. We chatted about Apache, CollabNet, Subversion versus Git and GPLv3. We also talked about the new Boards of Canada album - Brian started an electronic music mailing list in 1992 as well as A week is too early to tell if the new album is a work of genius, or if there's too much verdigris on the Board's magical lantern. After the interview, Andy took some excellent shots of Brian at several of the aforementioned photo opportunities, and he even managed to grab some bread to coax the swans into a feeding frenzy!

Our photograher, Andy, performs the famous hovering optical illusion

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