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A busy day and a barbecue

OSCon kicked off for real today: Joby and I were at the conference centre for the 8:30 keynotes, and he got some great shots as Nat Torkington, Tim O'Reilly, and Kim Polese spoke. Tim and Nat's topic was, as per usual, The O'Reilly Radar: what's hot and what's not for ORA. Interestingly, Perl book sales are down almost 20% year on year - "if anything is an inspiriation for those working on Perl 6 to hurry up, this is it" said Tim.

Larry Wall: I bet he\'s trying to figure out what SpikeSource does...

I talked to various geeks before and after Kim Polese's talk (she's the CEO of a new startup, SpikeSource), and general consensus was that while no one knew what SpikeSource did before she spoke, her speaking hadn't made a blind bit of difference - still no one knows!

From there we shot off to the Fireside Chat with Tim O'Reilly meeting (and O'Reilly's lovely marketing lady, Suzanne, kindly gave me a copy of the Mono Developer's Notebook to read later on - thanks Suzanne!). The usual long-winded, irrelevant questions were asked; I don't think a lot of the media quite grok OSCon just yet. Maybe that'll come with time...

Tim O\'Reilly and Nat Torkington

It's pretty amazing that if you take Tim O'Reilly and place him anywhere, at any time, he looks just like he does in this picture. That little half-smile is permanently fixed on his face: it's nice that he has a lot to smile about.

followed by some great sessions. Chris DiBona spoke at length about Google's open source commitment (particularly how happy he was with the summer of code), Damian Conway and Larry Wall gave a Perl 6 update ($sum_age = [+] @students - that's what I call cool sytax), and Greg Kroah-Hartman talked about the latest developments in the kernel.

We took Greg out to lunch for an interview, and he expounded on many of his points - he is clearly waging a war against binary drivers, and it's easy to understand why when you hear him talk!

Greg Kroah-Hartman in the park, looking suave

From there, we dashed back for an interview with Jim Jagielski, who sadly didn't turn up. Still, on the bright side we bumped into Lawrence Rosen again - he was chatting to someone else in the walkways, and was happy to step outside for a couple of nice daylight shots. It was only after I interrupted him that I noticed the other person was Bruce Perens - someone I was hoping to meet at LinuxWorld next week! If you're reading this, Bruce: I'm sorry!

We also managed to get great shots of Andi Gutmans and Rasmus Lerdorf (both PHP people), so perhaps it was fate that we missed Jim Jag today...

Joby was hard at work photographing Andi Gutmans of Zend

In the evening Ildiko and I went out to a Portland LUG barbecue, met Greg KH again, plus Jeff Waugh (Gnome), and various others. Had a great time - Portland has some fantastic local booze, particularly Black Butte and MacTarnahan's. Shame it's all ice cold, really!

Jeff Waugh sucks at croquet

Jeff got beaten at croquet by Greg KH's young daughter.

Anyway, Joby has processed a couple more pictures:

Andrew Morton tries to fix my laptop

While interviewing Andrew Morton I mentioned that the SUSE install on my laptop - though quite fresh - was really struggling. He asked to take a look, pressed a few keys, then said "Ah, it's in userland. Userland sucks." Then I said that I was having some ACPI problem. "ACPI sucks too!" He's a funny guy - and (I asked) he uses a really old version of Fedora, with KDE on top.

D. Richard Hipp relaxes by the pool

Here's one of the shots of Richard Hipp, the creator of SQLite. He has such a mellow accent, and yet has a real intensity in his eyes - it must take a lot of effort to get the Perl, Python, and PHP guys all agreeing on something!

Anyway, it's been a massively busy day today, and it only gets worse tomorrow: we have four interviews lined up tomorrow, keeping us occupied from 8:30am to 6pm without a break, and then in the evening there's a MySQL bash at the hotel, so we don't even get the evening off!

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