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Can’t find our mags?

We've had lots of phone calls and emails from readers who can't find You Can Code for sale near them. I can assure you it is for sale worldwide, which means if you can't find it then we have a distribution problem somewhere. Fortunately, the trade marketing manager who slaves away to get LXF into your mitts every month has volunteered to tackle the problem personally, which means that if you can't find You Can Code for sale near you, email him and say which city/country you live in and he'll try to sort it out.

Sound good? Of course it does. So, email our man StuartB today and he'll get on the case. Make sure you mention your city and country, otherwise there's not a lot he can do to help! Be warned: he's a PS3 fanboy.

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All the copies of You Can

All the copies of You Can Code must be in the West Midlands, as I've seen them in WHSmith's in Aldridge, Walsall and Birmingham.
It was nice of WHS to give me 10% off. But will I ever get around to reading it?

Rhakios, I'm beginning to

Rhakios, I'm beginning to think that only you and me have a oopy. :D

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