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Here at LXF Towers we don't just pull out all the stops to give you the world's finest Linux publication. We send the stops to an industrial furnace and bury the ashes under the sea bed. As proof of our commitment to the world of free software, here's Art Editor Effy doing...

Wait, what is he doing? If you can figure out what's going on here with Mexico's finest export, or you have a cracking caption to go with the pic, post below. All will be revealed (probably) in Linux Format 130.

Meanwhile, and while I'm here, let me say something about computers used in films and TV shows. Why, in this day and age, do directors and/or prop makers insist on creating the most ridiculous, noisy, dodgy-looking devices possible?

Here's an example from a TV programme that was shown somewhere in the world yesterday.

Here, a nasty character is trying to break into a safe, and is using a computer program to do so. Now, we all know that in real life, such a program would be some boring shell script run in a terminal or a bland Win32 GUI app that looked harmless.

But no! This is TV, so the program needs to have ker-azy text scrolling down the screen with accompanying bleeps and buzzes. THAT'S JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE, RIGHT?

Fail. Incidentally, if anyone recognises that TV programme purely from the still (hint: it's not in English), I'll give you 30,000 bonus points and two free internets.

Your comments


I refuse to partake in this caption competition, as the picture has obviously been flipped.

As for the safe cracking picture, I think it's David Hasselhoff doing the cracking. He makes everything look good.

Caption: Where's the baby,

Where's the baby, ... there he is!


Are you absolutely certain this is bulletproof?


I don't see the point in this extra mouse button.

If it can save the desktop

If it can save the desktop from getting cut by a scalpel surely it can stop vicious barbs from the editorial team


"I don't know... This Avatar costume doesn't look like it did in the advert!"


There are a few that get it right. Nmap has been used in several films, including The Matrix Reloaded, and apparently Die Hard 4 and The Bourne Ultimatum as well. And Wargames was fairly realistic (but that was before most of the cliches about hacking were established).

IPad Mock up?

Is this really what the iPad will look like?




Why's it always me that has to hold the board for office darts.


'It's not my fault the art got messed up! Nooo, not the pencils!'

Caption 1

Let the Tsunami come, i am ready with my Inst-a-mate Surfboard.

Caption 2

Now available in stores, the new brain teaser: "Pong by number"


No, like, dude, he was a cartoon and his name was Chad, totally cool in the 80's...


Mike, the best, absolutely best two movie "aren't computers cool" sequences are (as you mentioned in one of the podcasts) Jurassic Park - "It's a Unix system - I know this" ( with whizzy 3d graphics and the scene in Swordfish where Hugh Jackman has 6 monitors or so... Perhaps also the scene where he's being entertained whilst hacking top secret military etc...

...and from the back my

...and from the back my shirt looks like this.

Cheap and not so chearful X-Rays!

Effy was not impressed with the cost cutting measures in the X-ray department of his local hospital

Chearful? should be cheerful! doh!

Terrible Spelling!

Not sure about a caption title...

...but that naked ninja just over his left shoulder is seconds away from performing a Karate Kid inspired drop kick to the head!


How do you like THIS in your open plan office!?


And if you look at the Apple logo in the corner, it can easyily be scraped off and we can put Tux over it to produce the "LinTop Slim"

I just hope Apple won't recognize their parts....

caption ideas

1) Battleships?! Battleships?! We don't need no stinkin' battleships.

2) At this years Detroit Auto Show, Microsoft Rep. Effy shows off Ford Sync's patented new "Blue Screen of Death" technology, now standard on all car windows.

3) US Border Patrol gives UK-based $50 Billion to develop state-of-the-art Mexican Pop-up Blocker

4) Above: The hip, loveable new linux mascot from Futurenet "Q-Griddy" with his creator, graphic artist Effy. "Basically, I just got sick of photoshopping Tux in on every cover . . . creating Q-Griddy was the easiest solution to the problem."

Good News! tested negative

FOSS at-home Mammogram software


Effy goes from Ladette to Lady in 0.2 seconds.

Wait! I saw that episode...

... on Das Erste!

Re: Wait! I saw that episode...

Wow, great stuff Hudzilla! Unfortunately I missed most of the episode. What happened in it? Did Kai get caught?

And this ...

... is the new K(3)DE plasmoid prototype

Never mind the bollocks watch late night BBC

I started watxching a very bad film on the Beeb last night:
Wierd Science (released in 1985)

With some of the worst effects imaginable the acting had to be held down to banal to keep it in context. It was saved by the fact the director was spending the year dead for tax purposes.

I liked the bit where they loaded a 5 1/2 inch disk and it booted up immediately with some heavy graphics subsidised from phreaking into a whirly thing in an office elsewhere.

Oops. Forgot the caption

We couldn't make it up so we decided not to bother.

(Please send my prize to Prezidunce O'Bama. He needs to get aholdet of reality.)

caption competition

despite being a mute, Ahmed managed to convey the fact he was 'bored stiff' quite well...

prize to: for details!


... okay so I have this held the right way up. Now, where is the 'Send Fax' button?



Poor Man SFX

Of course he is taking a picture with that home made blue screen, so it can be composited in Gimp.

Where do I collect my prize? ;)

The target should be facing out?
Oh. sorry!

Best regards.



I still say that *nobody* who reads LXF will be old enough to remember 'Kilroy was here'


Underneath this I am nekked.


... and the text is in white, yeah, the BSOD - blue screen of death. What Linux doesn't have one, I thought it had everything! Lucky b....


"When will the fake ID come in the mail?"


"...apart from the new data encryption, the other feature of the new credit card is..."


"...and as you see, with the Q-Secure-Pad, all the passwords are safely on the other-side and completely secure!"


Watch, as the Qamelion mouse-mat changes colour to exactly match my assistant's shirt.


1. No no not like that, after they take your finger prints you hold the board like this.

2. Give it back Paul or the board gets it.

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