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Change is afoot

A few issues ago I requested that readers email me to say whether LXF was too hard, too easy, or just right. 57% said it was just right, 13% said it was too easy and 30% too hard. As a result, we'll be making no drastic changes to the magazine, because the majority think it's fine as it is and the remainder make up a bell curve. That said, there is a slight slant towards "too hard", so from LXF107 onwards we're going to be making a few minor changes - the overall balance of the magazine will stay the same, but we hope to squeeze more from what we're printing.

- In LXF107, you'll find the First Steps tutorial has now been split into two two-page tutorials rather than one four-page tutorial. As a result, newbies who think "blah, the first steps tutorial isn't for me this month" have another at least one other tutorial to try rather than having four pages of information they can't use.

- In LXF107, you'll find an all-new section devoted to system administrators. Chris Brown has written several tutorials for us recently and we've had lots of feedback from readers asking for more of the same. Well, we're turning it into a regular feature: Chris will have four pages of opinion, tutorials and hands-on sysadmin advice from LXF107. It's a new section, so it may take a month or two to bed in, but we think it's going to be a great addition to the magazine going forward.

- In LXF108, we're redesigning the Newbie Zone again. We took the old "Essential Linux Info" pages and made them a bit simpler, but we're still getting people saying they just don't understand what those pages mean. So we're going to strip them down a bit further, moving information to the disc and replacing it with more hands-on information on things such as installing software and fixing common problems.

- In LXF108, we're also redesigning the LUG pages, partly because we're sick of printing the same map when it never really changes, and partly because you can get better information online with a simple Google search. We're replacing it with a new community spread focusing on upcoming events and community news. You'll notice that LXF107 carries an advert for LugRadio Live 08, and this community section is really an extension of that - I really believe that free software is best when shared!

- In LXF109, we're launching a special fashion supplement being run by our new Fashion Editor, Graham. If you have any designs for Tux cross-stitching projects, make sure you mail them in!*

So: a little bit easier with the First Steps stuff, a little bit harder with the sysadmin section, and more community focus elsewhere. Small changes, I know, but the LXF formula isn't something we want to fiddle with until it breaks! We're also looking at improving the disc interface at some points - if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see, email me at

* Not strictly true.

Your comments

That all sounds great, Paul.

That all sounds great, Paul. And speaking as one of those who voted "just right," I'm glad there are no drastic changes being made. I can't wait for the next issue, as usual!

Sounds good, any

Sounds good, any programming, in various languages, planned for the future? I think changing the focus of the lug pages is a good idea, the persistent map was a bit of a waste of valuable space.

All good, excellent you are taking notice of opinions, not used to that from a tech mag ;-)


I look forward to Chris' new

I look forward to Chris' new section. I have really enjoyed his topics of late.

Thank you. I am another

Thank you. I am another person who voted "just right" - format included

All sounds good, although I

All sounds good, although I would love to see move programming tut's!! I remember when I first started reading the mag you had Mr Bacons QT tutorial and the PHP tutorial. I would love to see a revised QT tutorial and perhaps Python or Ruby??

Otherwise great mag!!

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