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Coding Academy update

If you've been trying to find a copy of Paul Hudson's Coding Academy for sale in your local store, here's what you need to know:

  • WHSmith in the UK still have 600 copies nationwide. If your local store doesn't carry a copy, ask someone to order it in from you - they can try to transfer a copy from another store.
  • Tesco still have 900 copies for sale nationwide. Again, try your local large Tesco, and, if they have sold out, ask to order one in.
  • We also provided copies to various other shops, supermarkets and newsagents in the UK; try Asda; try Sainsbury's.

Copies are also on sale around the world, although they are selling out very quickly. Again, ask at your local book store and see if they can get one in.

Your comments

Got mine!

Just an FYI for those still waiting... I got mine here in the US yesterday. I was very happy to get it to be sure. Good luck to those still trying to find a copy...

Happy Days!

Snagged the only copy in WH Smith Southampton today. I feel like the luckiest person in the World right now, this is better than winning the Lottery... okay, maybe not that good...

Publish More!

Why don't you publish more?

Why didn't you include the darn DVD!

I'm getting really angry with Future and LinuxFormat, half the time they produce these special magazines and forget to include the #$%@ing DVD! My bookstore had 5 of these, all 5 sealed, all 5 (when the store opened them after I found out the DVD was missing in mine) had no DVD! And no way to contact the publisher for a replacement DVD for these special issues. What a crock.

@Angry Purchaser

Sorry for the inconvenience - all copies definitely should have a DVD inside. If you don't have one, please drop an email to and he will mail you one straight away.

Project One not the best writing

I'm a fair newbie to programming(but fairly intelligent), and some of the things in Project One seemed like you skipped a couple steps or didn't explain everything well enough, and sometimes added info that wasn't needed in an illogical order. Example: How did you get D'oh! to print to screen with the writeline(args) code.I got it to print System.String[], but nothing else... I think the article could use some filling in of the gaps, so to speak. Also, some more screen shots, maybe, to give us newbies a better idea of what it should look like.

It really is such a shame

It really is such a shame that print so few. At the time of its release I still was an overseas subscriber and the moment I received the copy of LXF in which it was advertised I went online and tried to order it directly from Future Publishing but it had alread sold out.

I feel it was quite unfair to overseas subscribers since we never really got a chance to get a hold of it. Furthermore, it just strikes me as incredibly bad business to have a product which so many want yet not deliver it.

Buy it locally

If you can't get a copy on-line, buy it in your local store. Not too difficult.


Damn it! I don't know when you are going off on a tantrum or when you want me to add the lines of code to the project, not to mention where exactly you want the lines of code. I know that you may have more experience than me, but you need to form your thoughts better so that you can convey to the reader exactly what the reader should do when entering lines of code. Separate your analogies from the actual practice. Boy I thought that this magazine could help me, but it doesn't stay focused on the actual example. While working with the first project, I don't know if I should add to the existing project or close it and start a new one. Your todo.txt project doesn't really teach me anything. If you didn't know anything about electrical circuits and I explained that a switch opens and closes a circuit, but didn't tell you exactly where to put it, then the device is useless to you. Sorry, but I was real excited when I bought this magazine and now I feel as if I have ADD trying figure out weather you want me to add a line of code consecutively , if you are just explaining something, or if you are going on to a new example that requires a new solution. AGH! :-o

Good show chap!

All I can say is Excellent! I've been blowing off after work responsibilities to work my way thru these fantastic tutorials. Keep up the good work! I would buy a subscription, but it would not garner me an LXF tankard. My favourite mag indeed!

I have to agree with some of

I have to agree with some of the frustrated comments above,the working environment has to explored ,especially in the first project. when switching back to the mono
environment there was no indication if you need to start a new page ,open the todo txt
or what ?.
any how can i get my money back! Angry purchaser i've got a copy for sale $10

Why don't you list your copy on eBay ...

... I'd be happy to buy it from you.
Even directly if you don't like eBay.


I love the new coding tutorial. Is the best.
I wonder if Linux Format can release a few more coding magazines,
but this time switch it up a bit.

For example: we learned how to code in Mono, but how about if the next
one could be Python?, or maybe PHP?. Even plain old HTML would do.
Or even show us how to code in one language, and use that same code
on a different language all together; just to show how they all interact
with each other.

For us people who have no expertise on coding this magazines are a charm.

Loved the way it was presented. Keep it up chaps.

Thanks again for a great magazine.

For those of use who caught

For those of use who caught onto this deal late in the game... are there any copies left?

Trying to pick up a copy in the U.S.A. Tried online with WHSmith, Tesco, Future Publishing (at least the one for subscriptions), Barnes and Noble, Amazon, eBay - no luck at any of them.

If the current run is exhausted, what are the chances for a 2nd run? Or is there someone who is "finished" with theirs who is willing to sell it?


I called the Barnes and

I called the Barnes and Noble, as well as Borders in Oklahoma City, OK, in the US and was told they did not have any copies. However, two weeks later, I went into the Barnes and Noble and found two copies. Best way to find them here is to just go look. The employees a)don't know what you're talking about, and b)have hundreds of magazines to look through and don't want to spend much time finding them.

If you're in the OKC area, B&N on May had one last copy last week.

Good luck! And I personally think it's worth it. Yes, I've found a few typos, etc., but nothing that I couldn't figure out.


After buying the mag, I found that monodevelop is not included in my Slackware box, but now I sorted that out.

Booting from the DVD,
$ ./TodoList.exe
works on UBUNTU, but not on Slack. For Slackware one needs to write:
$ mono ToDoList.exe



I've not used slack but this is mostly likely to do with slacks path.

from a terminal do this echo $PATH and compare both results.

2 left in Borders Hollywood store.

A couple left in the Borders ( Vine & Sunset Blvd ) Hollywood store.


Project 1 in the coding academy is proving to be most frustrating.
Step 1 then goto step 4, backto step 3 etc. For a good month I have been trying
to decode the method. Maybe it has been made so confusing on purpose, but I WILL get there.

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