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I released Brain Party for Linux last week, and so far it's had a great reception - I've had several patches from users, and someone even ported it to Windows for me.

But what has impressed me most has been the Maemo community, which presumably will eventually become the MeeGo community. The day after Brain Party was released, this thread was posted on, and, after a few questions and answers, a few days later a full port of Brain Party was made available on the N900, all packaged up nicely as a .deb for device owners to download and install. People are already playing it and, although it seems there are a few small bugs, it already seems popular with N900 owners.

So, they can port things fast. But what really impressed me was how friendly the people were: I joined to provide some input to the porting process, and felt immediately welcomed into their community. This is what open source should really be like everywhere, but I've often come across places where people are unfriendly, cold, or cliquey, which really puts me off. But thanks to these guys being so supportive and open, I'm seriously considering getting myself an N900 just to help them port more software.

I released an iPad game last week, Jewel Jam HD, and it would be trivial to port that to Linux and then on to Maemo because it uses the same drawing framework as Brain Party. Now I just need to find a few extra hours in the day...

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Obligatory anti-Apple comment

Well your experience seems to stand in stark contrast to the current experience of developers for Apple's devices. With all the announcements, it's just going to get worse. I really hope someone starts competing with them more effectively soon, people are going to start thinking complete control by Apple is the norm, and a good thing. However, I think your experience shows the possibilities afforded by a more open device.

I foolishly bought an N810.

I foolishly bought an N810. It was sloooow. I hated Maemo as it was hard to update and the software not ported properly.

I'll be buying an iPhone when they update it.

Eventhough your post is old

Eventhough your post is old I can not help feeling sad about the whole Nokia leaving Meego thing. I also thought the community was great and there was/is alot of talent going to waste (well, hopefully people will find other things to do of course) Meego on Nokia devices would have been great with Qt going strong and really kicking off.

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