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Compiz con Fusion

I've just compiled and installed the latest git version of Compiz. Now, I love eye candy. But I do wonder where those Compiz developers are getting their tea!

Edit: Just found a bug! I thought it would be cool to try the 3D window rotate thing on the desktop background. It doesn't work. In fact, after you hold down that particular kung fu keyboard combo, nothing works!

Your comments

They're probably getting

They're probably getting their tea from the golf girl, wearing PVC. I hope they don't leave their dad in the rain...

Oooh rotatey windows just

Oooh rotatey windows just like Metisse had (the only effect I actually liked on it)!

Must resist eye-candy, must resist eye-candy...

OOOOOH, if you combined

OOOOOH, if you combined those effects, you could turn the windows into little balls, and bounce them back and forth with 2 paddles! Atari Pong desktop!

I think I'll go for a lie down.........

That's good. Also, on my

That's good. Also, on my machine (Ubuntu Hardy) no scripts worked. If you have trouble, try just using git and DIY. e.g,:
git-clone git://
cd anaglyph
make && sudo make install

Oh, and the anaglyph is cool. Combined with 3D glasses & the rotatey windows...

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