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We've had many wild and wondrous things posted to us here at Linux Format Towers. One chap sent an unlabelled SD card in an envelope, which contained pictures of viking battle clothing. Then some random department of government pen-pushers inadvertently sent us a warning that our office was violating RoHS directives. (Or perhaps they were just referring to Effy's lunch.) But today we received the coolest thing of all from Paul Williams (aka Heiowge), and here it is...

Pretty cool, huh? It's a Rubik's Cube with our cheesy grinning mugs stuck on. We like a bit of Rubik's action here at the magazine, and we also like people sending us stuff because they love the mag and podcast. One day we might even get that mythical bottle of beer we've been waiting for! But pathetic pleas aside: thanks Paul, and as I write this, I've just thought of another purpose of the cube...

With some careful manoeuvres, I can put Jon's head onto Graham's shoulders. Oh, the humanity!

Your comments

cube response

If you chop and change Andrew's head, you might just get full marks on You Dare Us! lol

Glad you like it.


That thing is incredible! I envy you for getting such a nice cube.
Now you should write about some cubing software, for Linux, in the mag.

Happy cubing
Andreas From
Record single: 20.93

Alright! I wanna buy! :0)

Er, I wanna know...
Is Mr. Bothwick's face on it too? If so, where can I order that cube?!!

for Stanley Bob... thingy...

Sorry. Neil's face isn't there for 2 reasons. 1 he doesn't do tuxradar podcasts, and 2, I only had 5 spare faces, so went for the current tuxradar crew.

And no, you can't buy it. There are 2 of them. One's mine, one was sent to LXF headquarters.

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