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Did anyone notice the shiny?

LXF134 is now available for the world to enjoy, and some subscribers may even have finished reading their copy by now. We spent quite some time monkeying around with the cover for this issue, so my question is this: did anyone notice?

  • Did you notice it was extra shiny?
  • Did you notice it was extra thick?
  • Did you notice we moved things around and added a sidebar?

These things aren't just a one-off - they'll be permanent fixtures from now on, hopefully doing a better job of shouting about all the awesome in each issue of LXF.

There's more to come, too - LXF135 will come with a free mini-book teaching the basics of PHP programming, and LXF136 is the issue where my dream comes true and we include what can only be described as the most incredibly crazy LXF covermount ever. Ever. Hurray!

Your comments

Canonical Format

More like "Canonical Format", as I have seen it called elsewhere.

Shinier, thicker and just like one massive, great (thick) Ubuntu advertisement, complete with Canonical editorial features, Ubuntu contributors and shiny Canonical guest interviewees AND Ubuntu interviewers.

(Ed., did I mention Canonical and Ubuntu enough times?).

The first thing I noticed

The first thing I noticed was the shiny cover. I am easily distracted by....


"the most incredibly crazy LXF covermount ever"
A cuddly toy Tux? Or, perhaps even better, a cuddly toy Mike Saunders?

Re: The new cover
Yes, I noticed it. Visually I think it's an improvement. A bit neater, clearer to read and gives a good preview of the contents. Physically, I think it's worse than the previous covers. Being thicker, it doesn't bend with the pages when you have the magazine open and sticks out a bit, making it less comfortable to hold. The older covers (which you don't seem to have used for the past two or three issues) also felt better to the touch with that slightly matt finish.

My Precious!

The magazine is improving every time I read it!
Honestly. Keep it up guys. It looks awesome.

The cover is very polished and by far the neatest one yet.

Can't wait for the next one.

Better use of color, text and graphics. Awesome job.
Efrain is hard at work for what I can see.

Can't wait for my PHP book next issue. Thanks.

PS: I did noticed that the book reviews were shorter this time.
Thought that you guys were going to add more, but oh well.

Ooh shiny

When I pick up LXF I tend to go straight to the back page to check what's on the DVD, then flip to the contents pages or maybe glance at the cover for an overview. That's my excuse for not noticing the external changes until they were pointed out! :op

Now I've noticed it I like the new layout, even though my copy has about 2mm of page exposed along the edge of the cover, as if the cover's been through a hot wash to make it smaller and denser.

If the mystery cover mount isn't a cuddly toy, maybe it'll be a huge rubber mallet to whack the nearest (non-)Ubuntu user with? :o)

I noticed the cover looked

I noticed the cover looked different: a job well done! Don't know what magazine Pissed Off Penguin read - Ubuntu User perhaps - because my copy had quite a bit about Fedora (which I liked)and WordPress and, funnily enough, the stuff advertised on the cover - which didn't involve a lot of Ubuntu. And I've noticed that with Karmic and Lucid the magazine seems to have a bit more of a critical position on the *buntus.

Craziest covermount ... hmmm ... a copy of Windows Vista: couldn't get much more crazy than that for Linux Format magazine. (But think of the environment - that's a lot of plastic going straight into landfill.)

Programming Book

Love the sound of a PHP programming book with LXF

Thumbs up

The new cover design is classy, and I thought the cover art was especially good this month. Though I agree with 'A Non-E-Mouse Pen-go-in' that the old matte covers felt better, generally this new design get the thumbs up from me.

I also think the 'Ubuntu:Rest of the (Linux) World' ratio is fine. Keeps up the good work "LXF" dudes.

I wish...

... I had that issue as well, but I missed it because I moved and it was sent to the old address.
I changed my delivery address online now and I do hope that issue will be re-sent (I sent an email),
because I would love to touch it, hold it, caress it... drool at the shiny cover... LOL
Nah, I just want to get my hands on it and read it, because I always enjoy reading the mag, so if you would please, please, please re-send this issue... Pretty Please...

the first thing i noticed

the first thing i noticed was the "triple distro" disk had Mepis

I stuck it in my laptop to boot mepis and guess what - it may be "triple distro" but unlike the triple booting lxf dvd133 or the quad booting lxf dvd132 - its just double booting - no booting into Mepis - it was either Mint or Fedora (which I had already tried out).

No wonder I did not notice it being shiny or thicker or anything else - so whats your cover mount idea for 136? a Bag of sorts?

how about this comment from podcast season 2 episode 12

Hudzilla - July 9, 2010 @ 11:39am

Because I was tired and rambling after sending two magazines, a bag and a book to the printers? :)

Grand Poopah the third

Ooh shiny! (Wibble). To be honest, I never really noticed nor cared. It's the content that's important to me

The shiny cover is a step back

The shiny cover, being thicker, doesn't bend with the pages, it behaves like a metal sheet. It should be thicker than the rest of the magazine but not much thicker. Otherwise you get an imbalanced result.

The touch is much worse, and touch is a very important component of something that you manipulate.

And it's shiny! I don't need shiny things to impress me, I need quality things. Now it's shiny like in all those pesky magazines out there for the masses. They are easily impressed by that kind of stuff but all I want is a professionally made magazine with good contents and adequately good looks, not a magazine like any other magazine on the market.

The better covers were clearly the ones combining shiny and semi-matte areas, followed by the semi-matte ones.

I must thank you for the magazine, but the shiny cover is a setback.

The cover changed?

Oh really - I had to go and look! I did notice that the cover didn't quite cover the inside bits, thought my copy was malformed abit. Then I moved on a ready the content! Isn't that why we buy it?

135 has got the same type of cover but hoorah they put the LXF135 on the spine twice - just like it was before - oh I do feel better. Can I go back to useful stuff now?

The cover changed , and the contents to !

I liked your magazine better when the focus was on the contents rather than on the cover.

The cover is just to cover the magazine, and to inform us what is the contents.

Shiny, thick, plastic or cardboard, i don't care.
The contents that is what matters.

So please put your focus where it should be, or change your job to one of the manny women magazines without contents where only the cover matters.

Ubuntu 10.4 DVD133 log-in?

I have tried to look at Ubuntu 10.4 from DVD133 but it gets to the desktop and then demands a username and password. There is no mention of this in the magazine, any help?

@Hudzilla: Please some more details on the LXF136 covermount

Hi Paul,

You made me very curious on the LXF 136 covermount. So, when can we expect more details on the 'most incredibly crazy LXF covermount ever'?

Also, I agree with 'A Non-E-Mouse Pen-go-in':

"Being thicker, it doesn't bend with the pages when you have the magazine open and sticks out a bit, making it less comfortable to hold. The older covers [...] also felt better to the touch with that slightly matt finish."

I really loved the slightly matt finish. It was fairly unique amongst IT magazines. And the cover pages really don't bend as good as the old ones..

I would like to add some comment on the binding. I buy LXF on germany newspaper stands and I have always to check issues not to get one with broken binding. I think it is caused by distributors(?) packaging the issues together. How do Australians get their issues, having that long, long way 'down under'?

Many other magazines dont suffer from that, so adjust physical quality (binding) to its high quality content..

Thanks and best regards, markus

PHP Coding Academy Problem...

Anyone else having problems getting Firefox/Apache to execute PHP scripts, rather than giving the option to download the script every time?

What did I do wrong?

PHP Coding Academy Problem...

I restarted Apache and it's working fine now :)

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