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Down with the pound

I know it's not great news for Brits travelling to the US for bargains, but the pound has fallen drastically against the US dollar. As Linux Format continues to be made in the UK (despite our pleas to be transported to somewhere like Cabo San Lucas), that means our American friends should be seeing major price drops both on the newsstand and in subscription prices. Prices in Canadian dollars and Euros have also come down, although it's not as marked as for Americans.

So, whereas in July it was 2.0 US dollars to the pound, now it's 1.5. Where it was 2.0 Canadian dollars to the pound, it's now 1.85, and where it was 1.27 Euros to the pound, it's now 1.18. In fact, the only currency having it worse than the pound is the Australian dollar - sorry, Aussies!

Now the important part: we update our prices a few days before we go to press, and we simply take the exchange rate and apply it to the fixed UK pound price of our subscriptions for overseas peeps. As it usually takes 10 days for the magazine to go on sale then a further two or so weeks for issues to reach the colonies, this means it will take a little while for the price cuts to reach you all, but rest assured they are coming. And if the slide continues downwards, it will make things even cheaper.

So, our recommendation is to check the subs page every issue, and jump in when you think the time is right. Remember: the subs price you see in the magazine will nearly always beat any price you see online, so if you see an offer code in the magazine you ought to use it.

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Thats great news. I'm always

Thats great news. I'm always tempted to purchase your magazine at stands but the higher prices of comparable magazines has always put me off.

Owen - (

So, Hud ... If I renew my

So, Hud ...

If I renew my subscription (due to expire in January), it'll cost 90 Pounds... but if I just get a new subscription, it'll cost 73 Pounds (page 103 of LXF 113) *and* I'll get another batch of stickers.

What gives?

After a couple of email

After a couple of email exchanges with the Subscriptions Department, my subscription to Linux Format was lowered from 90 Pounds (guess they felt sorry for me!).

Thanks guys!


- A Very Satisfied Subscriber

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