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A fire in the sky

Southgate burns!

Originally uploaded by evilnick

LXF Towers was rocked this evening by not one but two explosions from the nearby "building site", which we have long suspected is actually a cover for some nefarious operation or other <insert your own conspiracy theory here>.

Rest assured that whether or not this was some kind of terrorist intimidation to stop us saying unpleasant things about MacOS/MikeOS/BillOS, the brave men and Mike of team LXF refuse to be diverted from their objective of, er, whatever it is we are supposed to be doing. Oh bugger, the bus is going to be cancelled isn't it...

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Hmm, trued googling for

Hmm, trued googling for BillOS, on the off-chance it might provide some for of mild divertion, mostly all I could find was lots of links to Billo's Caracas Boys. Not quite the entertainment I was looking for.
Looks like the site mentioned above will be receiving a visit from the local Health &#38;#38; Safety department soon. I just hope no one was killed or seriously injured in the explosion.

Aye tis a pity that there

Aye tis a pity that there was no possibility of a fish getting blown up ;-) :D

I reckon it was the 'old

I reckon it was the 'old buildings vigilante squad' who are still upset about the old lighting shop building (can't remember it's proper name) being destroyed. I got a nice view of the fire from the train though...

As far as 'nefarious activity' - there was far more of that going on when Marchant's Passage was still there in all it's 60's nasty concrete splendour.

To 'geekify' the immortal

To 'geekify' the immortal quote:

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody Window$"


Hmm.... I should read

Hmm.... I should read regular news, besides Sci-Tech, too :P

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