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First look at new Toshbook

Guess who just popped in for tea? Toshiba! And they're touting their new NB100 netbook. It's the usual fare we've come to expect in netbookland: an 8.9" screen, 1.6GHz Atom processor, 512MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive and a 0.3MP webcam. Ports-wise it has 3 holes for USB, a video out, an Ethernet port and an SD card slot, and on your weighing scales it'll clock in at just under 1kg.

But where the NB100 differs from other netbooks, however, is in the design. Toshiba is focusing this device on business users, with the result being a boxy (but sturdy) construction that looks like a shrunk-down 'serious' laptop. Strangely, the device ships with a 4-cell battery that sticks out of the back -- and Toshiba doesn't have plans for other battery sizes.

For UKians we can expect the NB100 to roll out Real Soon Now(tm), but our brows are furrowing at the pricing plans. The above spec model, running Ubuntu Netbook Remix, will sell for £259. Windows users, though, can pay £40 more for 1GB RAM, a 120GB hard drive, and Microsoft's OS.

Compare this to the Acer Aspire One on 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, Linux, for £229. For the Windows version you get exactly the same hardware, but have to pay £299. That 70 quid price difference makes the Linux model really attractive -- so why doesn't Toshiba offer the same discount? Especially as its Windows model includes better hardware too.

Hrm. Anyway, pricing aside it looks like a good business netbook, so please enjoy (or at least tolerate) these hastily taken photos of the Toshiba alongside an Aspire One. Yes, readers, I'm finally going to retire my ancient 4MP Samsung digital camera and get something that's not from the era of Nicéphore Niépce.

Your comments

I think I'll stick with my

I think I'll stick with my AA1. It's beautiful.

Looks like they knicked that

Looks like they knicked that battery off my EeePC 900. It's a shame it stops the lid from folding back as far as the original battery, but then you don't get 6hrs+ of runtime without some sacrifice.

So which is best: -

So which is best:

- Asus901
- Acer Aspire One
- Dell Mini 9
- The tosh

I have the aspire one, and I

I have the aspire one, and I don't think any of these others even compare to it. The build qualirt plus the excellent specs of 1gb ram, 160gb hard drive, intel atom, 6 cell battery, etc for $400 is just too great to even consider these other options.

In my opinion, the MSI Wind.

In my opinion, the MSI Wind. The 10" screen bests the Acer 8.9. With the MS 30% coupon, you can get the 6 cell, 160gb, 802.11a/b/g/N for ~$350. To boot, the MSI is lighter than the Acer Aspire One. Has bluetooth as well. The RAM, HD, and wireless card are much easier to upgrade (and can go to 2GB unlike 1.5 w/ the AA1)

Add to the fact there isn't a better netbook at the moment that runs OSX easier and better than the MSI Wind. The Asus 1000H competes well with the MSI Wind, but it weighs .7lbs more.

For ~$350, you can't go wrong. I've owned and compared basically every unit out there, and there are drawbacks for each, but the MSI Wind takes the cake for the 1st gen netbooks.

To add to my earlier post,

To add to my earlier post, while I like the build quality of the Acer, the two mouse buttons to the left and right are a nuisance and the glossy screen is TERRIBLE. Glossy screens are full of glare and reflections and require constant adjustment in moving lighting conditions. Kudos to Toshiba if they don't include a glossy screen.

In case you're interested,

In case you're interested, here is my opinion why the 901 tops the Dell (and the others above):

(in the comments)

Interesting comments folks!

Interesting comments folks! It still looks like the Aspire One is currently the best value at £229 -- I like the look of the Wind but I haven't seen it cheaper than £299 here in the UK (and for basically the same spec, with a 1" larger screen). But I'm waiting to be proved wrong!


Where do you get the 30% off

Where do you get the 30% off coupon and can I use it for an order from Canada?

Until Dell even starts

Until Dell even starts offering a 6 cell battery, they aren't even in the same league as the Wind, 1000H, or the AA1.

Say What: I'm not sure if

Say What:

I'm not sure if the Microsoft 30% cashback works for Canadian residents. Do a quick google search for cashback eBay promotion for more details.

Mike, you're right. At this

Mike, you're right. At this range, value for money is king - and the AA1 personifies value for money. It's unbelievable what you get for £200, even taking Linpus into account! ;)

Wow finally its launch

Wow finally its launch

Mike, the Wind is available

Mike, the Wind is available for less than 299, under the guise of Advent 4211.

Ok its 279, but thats still £20 for nothing.

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