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Free mags for LUGs!

Our printers made too many LXF113s, and, for a small fee, we have had them teleported to LXF Towers for distribution to any Linux user groups that are interested. If you drop me an email ( with your address and the name of the LUG you attend, I'll have a bundle of 113s sent out to you.

Please don't ask for mags unless you're involved in a LUG (you don't have to run it, you just have to attend); we don't have *that* many, and we'd like to get them out to as many people as possible. If you attach some sort of joke with your email, I'll also send you a random collection of back issues.

Your comments

What about free fags for

What about free fags for mugs?

...or free tags for

...or free tags for plugs?

Ok I'll go away now.

first i'd like to take that

first i'd like to take that chANCE to send a HUGE HUGE thnx the all the team of LXF, u make us eat drink sleep play linux ,after windows was biting us for choosing it , we come over ur mag -which describe how to use linux to set up many servers"@ your service"-also include many BSD dist-this issue open our eyes for a new world with unleashed power , we became linux-hungry,but so bad that this lovely mag doesn't reach us here in egypt regularly,so we don't have a "window" on your fabulous work except ur website.i wish if we have any old issue ,any one ,any subject, to aid Old Pharaohs here in EGYPT to use & love linux as u help us to be. i'll wait ur email to send u the address.with my best wishes

Ahmed, email me (Mike dot

Ahmed, email me (Mike dot Saunders at futurenet dot com) with your address and I'll send out a bunch of mags and discs.


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