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Free stickers for everyone!

A long time ago, we sent subscribers some free stickers. We had a few left over, so a few months later we gave away the remainder to a few lucky purchasers. But now, everyone gets some: LXF 132 comes with some awesome Linuxy stickers for everyone to enjoy, complete with logos from various distros, plus KDE, Gnome, GNU, Tux and more.

This time, we've also included five of our favourite LXF covers as stickers, and we've included two special stickers: one with our Mono tutorial logo on, and one with the Mono logo crossed out, which means you get to choose your geek-political allegiance.

Yes, stickers are fatuous, but there is quite a nice feeling to peeling off the hideous "Windows XP/Vista/7" sticker on your PC and replacing it with a "Powered by Fedora" logo. Plus, we think Linux is serious enough already, so you all deserve a bit of comic relief now and then. Now, if only I could convince the spreadsheet monkeys to let us make "Distro Snakes and Ladders"...

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Any chance of some Mono-Free stickers? For balance you might want some I <3 Mono stickers too.

It seems to have become as important as the MS / Linux divide.


Been wanting to stick that "Linux Inside" Intel parody sticker on my PC
for years!!!


By the time 132 gets to Oz the adhesive will have dried up! But, no matter, I will still be pleased to have the stickers to adorn my grey box.
More power!


But, no powered by #!

Thanks, much appreciated!

Thanks, much appreciated!

Ooh free stickers! Wibble!

Ooh free stickers! Wibble!

The stickers were a nice

The stickers were a nice surprise when I opened the mail today.

No "MEPIS Inside" sticker, but oh well!


Thanks for the stickers!!!

Thanks for the stickers!!! They're great!

Retired Businessman

How do i get these stickers, my memory has gone over the last few years, and i cant get used to this new Windows7, and how do i get these stickers?
Thanx, Bill



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