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Future supporting Breast Cancer Care

Well, blog readers, it's been a busy few weeks - hence the last of posting. LXF73 is out of the door, utilising the most innovative, exciting and thought-provoking cover I can remember us printing. We've also been tied up taking part in Talk Like a Pirate Day and, most importantly, Breast Cancer Care.

Here at Future we're actually warm and fuzzy at heart. Today is the culmination of our Breast Cancer Care charity run, with people like Kate Foley (Deputy Editor, Cross Stitcher magazine) dressing up in odd clothes and collecting cash for a raffle. We also got to vote for our "most loved" people in the company, who were lucky enough to be able to climb in to a bath tub full of pink goo for charity.

Here at LXF BlogCo, we like to make you, the reader, feel a part of our daily lives. So, here's some snaps:

Kate Foley is a pixie
Kate Foley, dressed as the Absinthe Green Fairy's long-lost sister, collecting cash.

Robert Price doesn\'t sing in the bath tub (fortunately)
Robert Price, managing director of Future, bathing in pink goo.

James Binns gets in, the water gets out
James Binns, publisher of PC Format, Computer Upgrade, Windows XP, PC Answers and more, making a splash.

As I have a minute or two to burn, here's an animated GIF of Binnsy doing the business:

James Binns supports Breast Cancer Care

A big thank you to each of them for being brave enough to make a difference for such an important charity - Future matched every donation that was received, and it's all going to a really worth cause.

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