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When was the last time you tried to get someone to use Linux? A family member, a friend, your workplace, heck, how about your entire government? It all starts with a simple install, but unless there’s someone there to give them a disc or the right download, it’s only the lucky few that are ever going to discover Linux for themselves. Considering it’s nearly impossible to buy a new PC preinstalled with Linux it really is down to people to get into Linux themselves or with a little help from their friends…

So if you’re new to Linux we have a complete guide to get you started, it’ll hold your hand, explain how to use live discs and try Linux in a virtual machine, so you don’t even need to change a thing on any existing PCs. If you’re already sold on Linux, we look at building a reassuringly fast PC for a modest amount of cash. It’s an impressively speedy box that runs Linux like a champ.

If you’re more interested in keeping your older hardware up and running, don’t miss the Roundup of lightweight distros. All of them are ideal for older systems or if you’re after a memory-light Linux option, check out our result and see if you agree, then write in and tell us why we’re wrong!

We catch up with the good work of Mozilla at its MozFest 2016 event, there’s also the usual dollop of Pi fun and I hope you’ll find the collection of tutorials and coding this issue fun. The look at Wayland is especially insightful, explaining how you can compile and enable the new graphical server on your system without waiting for distro support.

Don’t forget to write to and let us know what you do with Linux, what you think of the magazine and what you think we should be covering. Enjoy!

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