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Gimme a Red Shell…

OK, so Paul can now add Crack Attack to his list of mighty victories against me. But he has played it at least 50437% more than me, so surely I'm excused? Please? Anyone?! Hello! Echo!

None of this really matters though, for the day will come when Mario Kart becomes the battleground, and I'll administer a thrashing so lethal that Paul won't even dare challenge me to scissors-paper-stone. Forever more.

(You see blogwatchers, Gav Wood (hi Gav!) and I spent/wasted many months of our childhoods playing the dangerously addictive Mario Kart Battle Modes on the SNES. At one point that turned into a first-to-1000 wins competition -- but we only completed about 300 games. And later, that classic game was sidelined in favour of Snooker at the pub, but I still have The Power.)

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