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I read the PC Plus blog semi-regularly, mostly because Richard Cobbett's frothing rage is quite funny. However, ace reporter Alex Cox recently wrote a blog entry on MS Windows Server 200x and virtualisation, saying:

By virtualising the IO systems of these machines, Microsoft has developed a system of hot-adding hardware. For example, if one of the virtual machines on the server needs more RAM, it can be instantly allocated and the VM 'upgraded' without any fuss whatsoever.

Naturally I took him to task over this, because Xen has been able to hot-add hardware since its conception. He has now posted a fresh blog entry admitting the mistake, but, just as he was doing well, I noticed this quote:

Linux is still hard work after all these years. By the looks of it, Windows Longhorn Server has the ability to cover all the bases that Server 2003 did, with a user-friendly interface and a swathe of the same features that make Linux so attractive as a server platform.

I see. Apparently, Windows is easier to use than Linux for server stuff. Well, I'm confident he's wrong, so I'm happy to issue this challenge to Team PCP: I bet I can set up a Linux server, running a website, a database, a web proxy and virtualisation faster than you can do the same on any version of Windows you please. In fact, you can even have two people on your team, against just me by myself on Linux.

I'll even give you a headstart.

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