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Got Disk?

Got Disk?

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Recently I had cause to reinstall Windows on a PC in the office. Jeepers - we do need Windows machines for testing things on you know, and not just for playing Day of Defeat.

Anyway, it inevitably went wrong, necessitating a rescue. So far, so predictable. However, this machine has SATA RAID, and the controller isn't one that Windows has a driver for. Okay, I suppose we can't really blame Windows for that. But here is something we can moan about. The only way to get Windows to recognise the main drive on this computer is to supply it with a driver disk. A floppy disk. Really. It won't read the driver from a CD.

Now, various rummaging and toing and froing eventually produces a floppy with suitable driver. But, there seems to be another problem - yes, like most computers made in the last five years, this one doesn't even have a floppy drive. D'oh!

Anyway, the short point to this story is that I don't want anyone ever telling me that Linux is hard to install. Ever.

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