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Joy of joys. SourceForge has introduced interstitial adverts, blocking your path between clicking a download link and getting the software.

I mean, it was bad enough that SourceForge doesn't save your choice of mirror, instead pointing you at all sorts of ultra-slow download locations, but this is lunacy.

This is blasphemy.

This is madness.


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With Launchpad, Google Code,

With Launchpad, Google Code, and Savannah available for project hosting, I can't see why anybody would choose SourceForge anymore. I avoid it whenever possible.

I feel the need to make a

I feel the need to make a pun around the the word "Lacedaemonian" here, but can't think of one :-(

Further to Ryan's post,

Further to Ryan's post, BerliOS is a good choice too.


At least there is a link on

At least there is a link on each download page that allows you to bypass the ads. Sadly, the advertisements help fund the Sourceforge site.

Thanks for sharing. I keep

Thanks for sharing. I keep a list of reliable download sites (with a paper and pencil). Remember - there was a time when Sourceforge was the only reliable site. Gotta fund the fun, I guess. The only problem is that the Linux user shoulders the painfulness of adverts!

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