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Hands on with the Eee 900

I've just scrambled back to LXF Towers to report on the Eee PC 900. Asus brought a much-in-demand sample unit to Future Publishing, but we barged away our sister magazines to get a quick test-run. The form factor is largely identical to the 701 unit (a smidgen taller, wider and heavier), and the touchpad is slightly more spacious.

All the action is focused on the screen: at 9" and 1024x600, it feels vast in comparison to the older design. The machine's 900MHz Intel Celeron CPU runs at full whack this time (instead of being underclocked), and there's 1GB of RAM, which, strangely, is clocked at 400MHz rather than 667MHz as before.

Click the pic below to see the 900 (white) alongside my trusty 701, with various currencies used to illustrate its size:

The 900 will be available in the UK on the 1st May. Two versions will be available: one with 12GB flash memory and Windows XP, the other with 20GB flash and Xandros Linux. Both will cost £329. Don't miss LXF106 for our full report on the machine!

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Oh, that baby looks sooo

Oh, that baby looks sooo hot. I'm kinda jealous at that screen and have been thinking of modding the screen of my current eeepc to something bigger.

but at the pricetag £329, is it really worth it? I feel that the strength of the "original" eeepc was the low price in combination with the small size...

It's a shame that they are

It's a shame that they are not sold in Spain :-(

The good part is that it should feel faster than my job's desktop. Probably 329 GBP is a little bit too much for me, because I have already a laptop, if not it seems to be a really good option for my needs.

KhaaL, I agree. Around £250

KhaaL, I agree. Around £250 is the sweet spot for this kind of device, IMO. I hope Asus releases a cut-down model (eg 4GB flash, no webcam) for those who just do office/internet work and don't need a vast amount of space.


Just as a matter of

Just as a matter of interest, does it have Bluetooth?

Nope, no Bluetooth as far as

Nope, no Bluetooth as far as I can see!


Oh well, it looks like

Oh well, it looks like sticking with my MacBook then.

At £329 you're well into

At £329 you're well into cheap notebook waters and when puch comes to shove, how many people are going to buy a much lesser specified machine just because it's smaller.
However, Get this new EeePC down to £200 and I can see it flying off the shelves.

Well I've seen the 701

Well I've seen the 701 flying off the shelves at prices way above Asus' RRP, some up there in the £300s just for a little extra storage space. I think maybe it should be £300, but I want one anyway!

I'm aware of two community projects for the eee based on PCLinuxOS, and one each based on Mandriva and Ubuntu and there are probably more. Access to extra software and updates will be much easier than Xandros in my view.

Surprised to hear the UK

Surprised to hear the UK retail price is £329. I picked up a black eee 900 on my way through Hong Kong 5 days ago for £253 cash
Tax in this country is ridiculous.

I've found it perfect as a second laptop. Now running Mandriva off a 16GB SD card, great for commuting on the train.

I just got my EEE 900;

I just got my EEE 900; however, even though I'm more than happy with it I was somewhat surprised that the eee 900 seems to contain two SSDs (4GB and 16GB). I wanted to use encrypted LVM, but so far I've never managed to make that work with multiple disks. There are, of course, easier ways to achieve the same result, but that would be too easy.

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