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Happy snapping

At LinuxWorld London, I bumped into the journo with whom I got lost in Barcelona last month (see this entry for the gory details). He'd had only three hours sleep the night before, so it was just like old times. Aaah. Meanwhile, Nick and I gave out some prized LXF Awards -- here's Nick with the Gentoo chaps, who proudly displayed the awards on their stand for the rest of the day.


As Paul mentioned, the expo itself wasn't heart-racingly exciting; it was good to see plenty of turnout though. Excellently, the ReactOS folks had a small stand, with two of the developers demonstrating the amazing progress this open source Windows clone is making. Later on, Nick took his seat in the discussion panel, which was the perfect opportunity for me to take a really bad photo:


Left to right: a chap I can't remember (anyone help?); Kevin Carmony of Linspire; Our Nick®; Klaus Knopper of Knoppix; and Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu/space tourism fame (see LXF 71 for an interview). Note here that Nick's eyes really were red, simply from the pain of having an award dropped onto his hand by some lackwit. Ouch...

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