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Hint: it’s not Smithers

Update: the winner is Nigel for identifying the shape as Abe 'Grandpa' Simpson!

I'm not sure why cartoon character-based pasta shapes sell so well, but there's squillions of them in the supermarket: Batman, Spider-man, Thomas the Tank Engine, and now The Simpsons. A combination of curiosity and snack-needage made me buy some, in the hope that I'd recognise familiar Springfield characters as I scoffed the lot up.

But alas no, they just looked like random objects used in psychiatry tests.

SimspaghettiSo to make it all worthwhile, here's a mini competition. Look at the shape on the right: which Simpsons character is it? A bit of prodding made it (vaguely) resemble a character on the tin. Whoever guesses correctly will go through to the random draw, to win... [drum roll]

  • A blank CD-R!
  • A signed certificate marked Simpsons Pasta Shape Spotter 2006, scribbled in biro on Future-headed notepaper!

With a prize like that, we're expecting to be swamped with entries, so get them in now! You can either post on the LXF Forums (best choice) or email me (not as good, as I'm occasionally swamped with email). Lots of luck! I'll announce the winner next week.

And finally, because I don't have a photo blog, here's some fireworks going off across from my flat.


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