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Hudzilla in UT hammering shocker!

Apologies for the tabloidese headline. But after Hudzilla's last post, I thought I'd better reveal some more deep secrets at LXF Towers! You see, dear readers, the truth needs to be told. Our Paul is very good at UT2004, and does have a tendency to win, but he's not as infallible as he suggests. On Friday we had a quick go of UT in which I managed to amass a whopping 2,637 points, whilst Hudzilla only scraped together a mere 3.

And I was on the phone for half the time. And writing HotPicks too.

So basically, this is empirical proof that I can hammer Paul at UT when I feel like it -- but normally I let him win for, you know, a false sense of security. Or something.


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