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I love fantasy fiction!

Specifically, I love David Gemmell books! I am on my sixth in a row now. A pattern is emerging from his fiction: most men have blond hair and beards (good), are built like Vikings (very good) and go around killing people with swords (they can't help themselves!). Women aren't given much to do – they seem to be either Earth Maidens (hippy prostitutes) or white witches, which is quite cool because they can get rid of spear wounds, cancers and mild acne by making the patient glow a bit. I only hope that there are enough books written by Mr Gemmell to keep me going for a while – I have read all the Dick Francis and Kinsey Millhone books so it is gratifying to find another engaging series. I particularly like the way Mr Gemmell plays with language to create fantasy worlds reminiscent of our own, using 'Keltoi' for Celts, 'Stone' for Rome, 'Gath' for Goths, 'Neu Age Arthorian ballacks' for inspirational, mystical legend, and so on.

I appreciate most LXF readers are all over this kind of thing and were probably reading Knights Of Dark Renown while I was reading Peter And Jane books – so if anyone would like to suggest which writer I could move on to next I would be very grateful.

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