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Tower O\'Cups

For a while, development on the tower o'cups came to a stand still. It had reached a certain height above which it couldn't be adequately supported from either the desk or the desk's partition. There were several times when the top of the tower wavered slightly, scaring all of us for a moment, but it didn't topple. I was stuck for a new strategy. Spare cups littered my desk for a couple of weeks before I reluctantly placed them into the recycle bin, only too aware of their lost potential.
However, hope came when Andrew announced he too was building a tower of cups. Why not collaborate, using one tower to support the other?
Well, I'm happy to report that progress is being made. We've been able to add many more cups using two entwined towers, and the structure is holding up. Mostly. Occasionally, it emits a hushed crackle that sounds a little like crushing cotton wool between your teeth, and either Andrew or I have to dive over our desks to save the structure.
Here's an image of the new combined super-duper-tower you can view in 3D by crossing one image over the other with your eyes (align the black dots), or you could perhaps avoid a self-inflicted migraine by using a 'Solid Eye' on your PSP.

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