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It's Christmas, so we're enjoying the last few days in our snow-surrounded office before heading away to enjoy the break. (Or get trapped in public transport for six days.) Happy Christmas to all, and here's to a great 2011 for Linux.

But! There is one more thing...

We're looking for a Staff Writer to join us here at LXF Towers in Bath, south west England. If you love Linux, love writing and want to help make the best Linux magazine since sliced bread, have a look at the job application here.

We're a friendly bunch, all passionate about free software, retro gaming and general geekdom. Oh, and the job includes a couple of free* trips to the pub every month.

*Apart from when it's your round.

Your comments

Happy holidays

Hope you enjoy snw as we are here in Canada.

Happy Holiday and keep the good work coming in int 2011.


Good Tidings...

Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year to all...

As for the job, I wish I was that clever... :(


Mike thinks he is Steve Jobs...

"One more thing"? :) Offering a job....that is funny...or I am tired. I dunno. I would love to do it, but rather far to move the family from Toronto.


Christmas present

Merry Christmas to one and all. What a wonderful present it would be to land that job, sounds great. Do you really want a 500w review of Fedora 14? :)

Happy Christmas Linux Format

Every one at Linux Format have a great Christmas and a merry new year.

Feliz Navidad and a

Feliz Navidad and a prosperous 2011 my fellow LXFers!

Would love the gig, but can't afford the move from New York.

Best wishes one and all!

Captain Tux

Ok, it was fun when you

Ok, it was fun when you wrote it, but now your web-site is advertising the FEB 2011 issue (not even Jan), and you're still wishing us a Merry Xmas...?

And what is next?

Hi, it is Jan 2011 now. Christmas is far away.
Will there be any new posts?

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