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Law and light SQL

After a busy morning, it's only right I have a busy afternoon. Things started to go wrong when I ordered the nachos from the hotel Quick & Light menu, only to receive a veritable mountain of food in return. I ended up leaving half of it and still arriving late to my afternoon session: Law for Geeks, by Lawrence Rosen.

Rosen is clearly a man with passion: he talks like a Hollywood financier pitching a movie, and is fully aware that his task is as much to eliminate legal myths as it is to teach how things actually work. He used an example of an open source CD, and asked around to see what various audience members thought: should he be able to copy the CD? Of course, the issue seems easy at first (sure!) but then gets cloudier (only if you read the licence first) and cloudier (make sure you don't copy trademarks and copyrighted text) and cloudier (what if you're selling the finished product?)

Joby got some great pictures of Rosen, but chose one of the least flattering for this blog!

Not the best picture of Lawrence Rosen

Had dinner in the evening with Dr D. Richard Hipp, the creator of the excellent SQLite project. He has a PhD, and doesn't use his first name: this sounds like a serious man, right? Wrong: he's got a soft, mellifluous Carolinas accent, he's well-read and makes you really feel welcomed into his life. We talked for a long time - of which the interview only made up about an hour! - and took some great pictures. Hopefully we'll be able to get this into an issue soon: his story is quite something. Here's a fun trivia fact for you: Hipp pronounces it S-Q-L-ite, "like it's a mineral" (his words). So, according to the creator, it's not "Sequel Light", or "S-Q-L-Light" - that's told you!

Tomorrow looks to be another busy day: I want to get to Jim Hugunin's IronPython talk in the morning, and in the afternoon I'm hoping to get another interview - guess we'll have to see. Importantly, it's 21:23 now and I feel quite tired. I think I might make it through the night this time...

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