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Greetings from sunny Poland, where the third annual Libregraphics meeting has just finished. A longer than ever conference schedule still couldn't manage to fit in all the stuff people wanted to say, and there will be much scribbling for me to do now to bring an exclusive report to the next available issue of Linux Format.
I have loads of pics too, but mostly of Wroclaw, which is a really beautiful and friendly city, and pretty cheap to visit too. I had to post this pic of AndyFitz though, which demonstrates that, while using a VOIP sevrice, everyone's favourite megaportable EeeeeeePC neatly transforms into the world's largest mobile phone!

Key facts about Poland:
* Their kings all appear to have been very grumpy
* there are about 3.5 Zloty to the £
* They have Zappikanki and pierogi
* Based on my small range of Empirical data it is always very hot and sunny here
* The people are polite and friendly
* I do not really understand why people want to leave here and drive buses around Bristol.

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So it's not just Mike with a

So it's not just Mike with a normal sized clamshell mobile then?

(Sorry, I resisted the temptation for several days, but, in a moment of weakness, just gave in).

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